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Appropriations chairman alleges that head of Kansas Turnpike offered $25 million to kill merger proposal

I think his stupid 2008 try will put paid to any White House ambitions. Of course, if he were to get the GOP nomination, Kansas might go to a Democrat for only the third time in its history as a state: Cleveland in 1892, Johnson in 1964, and Hillary in 2016. The best Brownnose can hope for is as Christie's running mate. But maybe the GOP will pick Paul Ryan or Rand Paul, than whom only Brownback is worse.

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Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts

Brownback has in fact increased government spending and further deepened our deficit. See Lawrence Journal-World 2/18/13 Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts.

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Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts

But see my comment above about the governor's religion and the long-held papal view that birth control is a violation of God's will.

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Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts

Gov. Brownback, newly converted to Roman Catholicism, must obey the teachings of his new church by declaring birth control contrary to the will of God. So naturally he has cut funding for it. In addition, cuts to education benefit Brownback's agenda by keeping more people in the dark about his plan to reward the rich by punishing the poor.

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Statehouse Live: GOP losing steam on quickie proposal to change constitution on school finance

They came out the same size as everyone else's on the site - looks like 7pt Helvetica.

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Critics say KU Medical Center remains in jeopardy under abortion bill

There are some "pro-lifers" who would sacrifice two lives rather than one. A pregnant woman with an ectopic fetus will die unless that fetus is removed. The fetus will die when she does. Doesn't it make sense to save one life? Those who would vote to oppose abortion under any circumstances, even ones like that, are as guilty of manslaughter as the man who killed Dr. Tiller. If, like him, they are not guilty by reason of insanity, does that make them fit to serve in the Kansas Legislature? Hmmm.

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Statehouse Live: Santorum wins, but Kansas Democrats criticize Romney

It's interesting, though not particularly amusing, to see the zealous Kansas Republicans who bother with caucuses being fans of Santorum. He's more like them than Romney is--Mitt's more like Nancy Landon Kassebaum or even Bob Dole, rational people who did not think that Democrats represented the Devil. If they did feel that way, they kept it well hidden and worked well with Democrats on many issues, as did Nancy's husband Howard Baker. But none of those could get elected here these days, because they were so far to the left of the Brownback branch of the GOP.
Kansas last voted for a Democrat in LBJ's landslide of 1964. Before that, our electoral votes went to a Democrat only in Grover Cleveland's 1892 victory over Benjamin Harrison, the man who had ousted him in 1888.
So, I'd be astonished if Kansas' electoral votes went to Obama. Kansans will vote for a stuffed elephant as long as it has an R opposite its name on the ballot. The poll taxes (thinly disguised as requirements for photo IDs--mine cost me $18) and other measures intended to keep low-income people from voting are entirely unnecessary in this very red state.

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Lawsuit against Lawrence bank attributed to ‘family feud’

The Simons Family has a long history of promoting its own business interests via stories in its "news"paper, the Lawrence Journal-World. Typically, they don't disclose these ties, so we have to learn about them from other sources. Tim Miller's Plumber's Friend of a few decades ago filled this valuable niche, naming Dolph Jr. "Dolph Lite," and Dolph III "Baby Dolph," after the model of Haiti's Papa Doc Duvalier and his son Bebe Doc. It's sad, but unsurprising, to see Baby Dolph following his ancestors' practices. Venal as they may be, they are praise-worthily appalled by the Brownback administration's more right-wing policies.

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