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100 years ago: Residents of Lawrence jail to assist in breaking rock

They rode the ATSF rail line from the site of the current BNSF/Amtrak depot in Lawrence to the existing depot in Baldwin. The rail line between Lawrence and Baldwin was abandoned in the early 1960's. Concrete piers from the bridge over the Wakarusa river still exist and the airport runway in Vinland is the old right of way. The original line was built by the Lawrence, Leavenworth, and Gulf Railroad and extended from Leavenworth, KS to Tulsa, OK in the 1870's. The bridge over the KS river in Lawrence was destroyed in 1903 but you can still view the piers during low water. After the bridge was ruined, the Union Pacific operated the section between Lawrence and Leavenworth while the ATSF operated the section from Lawrence to Ottawa via Baldwin.

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

If you look closely, you can see the helicopter in this photo. Given all the power lines in the area, it was no mean feat to land at this location.

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

Because they landed the Life Flight helicopter on the street to evacuate the wounded man. They set up a detour. I was at the Union Pacific depot when it happened. The response time to the accident was excellent and I was amazed at how quickly the helicopter arrived at the scene. Regardless of how this occurred, many people worked quickly and efficiently to help this man.

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First Fam, now MU: KU looking at void

Amen, the best part of the story is that Mizzou claims they left the Big 12 due to conference instability. Gee, I wonder how that got started? For years we have had to hear the Mizzou idiots claim that they were a Big 10 school in academics and sports, with an emphasis on academics. This move to the SEC shows that they are really money whores. It is a move to a whole new conference based on a single sport and money. This from a team that could not even win the Big 12 North and are either #7 or #8 in all time wins in the Big 12. Good luck getting your ass kicked in the SEC week in and week out. Hope the money makes it worthwhile as you spend it all traveling all over the East coast. They established their charactor and then established their price. I will miss the rivalry and the games. That said, the Baylor women's basketball coach summed up the situation rather well earlier this year.

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