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Kansas budget situation leads to late payments to schools, cuts to senior services

Sorry folks, this recession is far from over. The crippling budget cuts our states continue to grapple with will only deepen the economic rut this country is in. Don't kid yourself folks, 2010, at least economically, is going to be another ice cream cone in the dirt.

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Two state senators plan to introduce a bipartisan bill this afternoon to balance state budget

Alright, you're reading wayyyyy too much into the headline. If the reader has a brain, he or she knows what this means. DUH. They, the two senators, plan to introduce a bill this afternoon to help balance the state budget. Why would anyone think they're going to balance the budget this afternoon? Come on.

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Cavern tavern: The Cave carves out a massive new nightclub beneath The Oread

WOW! This is so cool. I can't wait to try this place. Lawrence is awesome. So many classy clubs, restaurants, people to it!!!

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Inspirational Quotes - How To Reinvent Your Wheel

Great topic!

When I am getting antsy, I look at what I have accomplished and then use that as a foundation to further "motivate" myself to continue accomplishing more. It helps me realize that "hey, I have been able to accomplish all of this, so this means I am capable accomplish so much more."

For instance, finishing college. I went to school full-time and worked full-time. It was tough but made a stronger person. It was just a piece of that "foundation."

Starting my own music business: This is a recent project I have pursued. It only took one person, a hospitalitiy director, to hear my playing and approach me about playing for various evens at the hotel. Since then, I have been building my music library and practicing for hours every night. It's a lot of work but the payoff is so rewarding.

The list goes and on and. Bottom line, at least for me, is that I use these prior accomplishments to continue building a foundation for future success and/or accomplishments. It helps fuel my ambition!!

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Governor tells state universities they need to improve their national stature

Interesting comments made by the gov. I think he should have phrased this differently. It seems kind of "in your face." Perhaps he should have said "Our state universities are fine institutions. However, I encourage them to improve their national stature...bla bla bla....." Anyway......It is what it is....

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Heritage and Culture: How Important Are They In Your Life?

I'm German, too! As far as German cultural practices I engage in...BEER drinking!!!!! Ohhh yaa.....LOL. ;o)
It's all about preservation!!!

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Living American: The Spoiled and the Spoiling

Defintely spoiled!!! New cars, electronic devices, etc., mean nothing to me. They're objects. They don't, at least for me, generate happiness.

I am simple person. I find happiness through my music, exercise, helping others, reading, learning new things, etc. So I, unlike some, can live without the fancy smancy.

Americans, at least in my opinion, seem to think the only way they can acheive happiness is to have lots of possessions - new cars, electronic devices, computers, etc.

Best of all, I am $0 in debt and hope to stay that way as long as possible. Now if I wanted to live a more luxrious, spoiled lifestyle, I could certainly dive into a sea of debt by purchasing a new car, electronic toys, etc.

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Fair food may be good to eat, but it's not so good for you

I have to agree about this being a bizarre news story. It seems so random and so short. This deserved to be placed on the front page? Why is this relevant?

And moderation is key. DUH. Eat one hot dog, not 10.

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Running Naked With iPhone: Day Two - A New Beginning


Awesome pix! Colorado is so refreshingly beautiful isn't it??! I really want to visit the mountains again.

Great job with the title!! Ofcourse you know what captured my attention!!!??? Ha ha......This is a well-respected blog, so I must be on my best behavior -- as hard as that may be...UGH!!! :O)

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Sharing "Your" Life's Song

Thanks, Schula!

It's been fun getting aquainated with all of you. Can't wait to start working the KU events with you!

It's great to have such a nice, cool circle of friends!

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