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Suspended police officers’ names not released

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No. 19 Tech downs No. 19 Penn St.


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KU coach list shuffles in six days of searching

I hear you!! You watch KU will settle for some no name coach. KU needs to spend at least what Gill was making to get a real coach. I see some good coaches are just saying no, I would say because of the way they treated Mangino, best coach they ever had.Built it up and then let him go. Mangino did nothing different than any other big school does to win. But for a school who has no real football tradition, thought it was to hard in the kids, and a 5-7 season his last year,, stand by your man, heck of alot better than the last two years. Good luck landing a real coach!

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KU football turns eye to future

ku just likes firing. you have to let the coach coach !! Stay away Leach Texans don't like this liberal crap !!

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KU football turns eye to future

wow kansas fan, why would any real coach come to ku. They fired the best coach they ever had, why because he was to hard on players? You would never even here any of that crap from a real school !!! Football is hard nosed and the coaches have to be to be successful. Wanting to hire someone thats done the same thing that Mangino did (allegedly) ? What, so it's ok now? Or has the light shined on ku fan since the scammy AD is now gone. So no more wait till BB season? Why would a real D1 coach come here after the way ku has been so wishy washie about what's ok. KU you desearved Gill !! Good luck with next one!!

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KU football turns eye to future

but thats why thy fired mangino, he was to hard nose

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The Turner Gill Dilemma

Wow I been saying that for 2 years. Well said, KU needs to get a football AD and find a real coach, and let him coach.

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Firebirds left smarting

Wow, the whole atical was about the losing team! Thier was two teams playing friday night. Not a word about who Lawrence High will play in the 1st round. Nice Job LJW

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Prosecutors seeking prison sentences in KU ticket scam

To bad freeman won't get more time out ot this. He recieved cash from ticket sale also.

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

how many jobs u know that hand out cash? Wrong is wrong!

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