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KU begins work on geothermal energy project

Nevada most definitely has hot springs. I've been to one of them (during a geology course led by Prof. Stockli, actually). Yay for nature's hot tub!

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Net Worth: ‘Unnecessary quotes’ among grammatical goofs mocked on Web

My favorites from the high school cafeteria:

hot "fresh" cookies

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New burst of attention for old doubts about Obama

kansasfaithful (Anonymous) says…

"I have searched the internet high and low for a published copy of Mr. Obama's birth certificate..."


High and low? Really? Found in all of about five seconds, here's some actual information and a number of high-res photos, just for you:

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What is your favorite kind of Mexican food?

I think for the first time ever, I'm in agreement with Tom. My answer was going to be "Do margaritas count as food?"

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Mother doubts teen daughter’s reasons to start taking birth control pills


I didn't word it properly I guess. I've never gone to a doctor and asked to get prescribed something (always thought commercials telling you to "ask your doctor about <insert drug here>" were ridiculous). We went to the doctor to talk about my symptoms with that as a possibility because she knew that the pill might help with them.

But the pill IS what reduces my symptoms. So my main point was that your statement, "There is NO medical reason to take birth control pills." is flat-out wrong. I agree that wanting to do what everyone else is doing just for convenience isn't the best reason to get on the pill. But there are valid ones besides preventing pregnancy (preventing or reducing menstrual migraines is another I didn't mention before).

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Mother doubts teen daughter’s reasons to start taking birth control pills

estelle (Anonymous) says…

"A couple of things you should know:

1. There is NO medical reason to take birth control pills. 'irregular periods' are as regular as regular periods.
2. Hormonal contraceptives offer serious risks (
3. I'm pretty sure your daughter just wants to have sex. Get her to admit it, talk to the boy, talk to her friends…don't listen to silly privacy and PC pundits…YOU are the mother…it's your responsibility
4. She's better off using condoms (STDs and other lowered risks)

The contraceptive culture gives males absolute liberty to treat women as sex objects. Treating young women as helpless, weak animals with no self control only perpetuates this idea.

I can tell you right now, dealing with your daughter on this issue will be HELL. You will lose sleep, she will be angry at you, you will have massive headaches and her peers and boyfriend will ostracize her if you deal with this properly. Or you can take the easy road and give her the pill."


I call BS on this, particularly your first point. As a teenager, I experienced such severe symptoms during periods that I had to miss school. I'd be at home, throwing up and in terrible pain. It was awful, and it interfered with my life in a pretty big way.

It finally got to the point during my senior year of high school that my mom suggested going to the doctor to ask about getting on the pill. I did, and it helped enormously. Now I can't imagine going back to those days. I'm so glad she cared enough about my well being to make that suggestion, as I wouldn't have known what to do otherwise.

Knowing that I was on the pill had no effect whatsoever on when I decided to have sex. I waited several years (despite pressure) until I was ready. I really doubt most people are making sexual decisions based entirely on whether or not they're on the pill; either they're going to be responsible or they aren't. If the daughter is concerned about preventing pregnancy, she could probably get her hands on some condoms, which, as you pointed out, will have the added protection from many STDs.

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In wake of settlement, Boardwalk Apartment owners asking tenants to leave quickly

For any current Boardwalk residents looking for a place to live, I know Crescent Heights has at least one 2-bedroom immediately available due to a lease cancellation. It's nothing fancy but is probably closer to that price range than most places in Lawrence. I'm sure there are others but I thought that might help someone who is now needing somewhere else to live.

I feel your pain in trying to find somewhere affordable; it's not easy in this economy or in this town. Good luck to everyone affected by this!

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Should police be allowed to stop a vehicle because passengers aren't wearing seat belts?

alm77, I'd be quite willing to tell my passengers to buckle up (I've never needed to) before I go anywhere. Besides the fact that I care about the safety of anyone who has ever been in my car, even if I didn't, I sure wouldn't want their body flying through my windshield if there were an accident.

Anyway, though, this does seem like a personal choice (though I still can't understand why some people make the choice they do). Unfortunately, workinghard, the choices people make often affect the rest of us, through government support or health insurance premiums being higher, but we don't mandate those choices (e.g., smoking, diet, exercise).

I do think it's a different matter when it comes to children being buckled up properly, as keeping your children safe is not a personal choice issue. If nothing else, such parents need a reminder that they are endangering their children.

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Police investigating pair of early-morning accidents

It doesn't say (as of 5:30am) whether the driver was injured, but I'm assuming that means he's ok. Sounds like he was lucky not to have seriously hurt (or killed) himself or another person tonight.

I'm sure all the students are excited about Stop Day, but a lapse of judgment can do an amazing amount of harm. Please guys, plan ahead before drinking so that you have alternative transportation once you're drunk and have compromised your judgment (there are plenty of options to consider - a designated driver, a cab/Safe Ride, or drinking somewhere you can safely crash for the night). Just don't drive. (And if that's NOT what the issue was tonight, I'll be shocked, but it is generally good advice nonetheless.)

Also, if I was the owner of that house, I would be much more than "alarmed". I would be incredibly POed. I can't imagine waking up to that.

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Body found in Naismith Hall identified

Stain, as mentioned in the article, Naismith isn't even part of KU student housing; it is a private, off-campus hall. As far as KU administration goes, it may as well be a private apartment building. Nor was the young man who died, as you suggested, a child sent off to KU; he was a high school senior. Trying to blame the university for this is absolutely ridiculous.

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