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AD should go

Great article. I hope the Chancellor reads the paper.

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Are you more concerned about your personal safety during the holiday season?

Nice hat Alyson. You might look in the mirror once in a while.
No, I don't feel less safe during the Holidays. Except, well, maybe a little threatened by people with strange hats.

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When do you hang your Christmas lights?

We put up the lights Saturday and it was a nice day to be out. We will turn them on Thanksgiving night for our guests. The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving.
Number 3 of 5, we should praise the Lord every day the best we can.

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What is the touchiest subject between you and your in-laws?

I don't have any problems with my In-Laws

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KU's Chancellor issues statement putting support behind Lew Perkins

Everytime someone says Lew Perkins, I hear cash registers ring.
This witch hunt is worse than the fight club fiasco and equaly blown out of proportion. I am sick it all. I have no controll over it so I am sticking my fingers in my ears and ignoring. Wake me when this over.

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Elder Henry makes debut

He sure can shoot well.

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Would you use a rickshaw service to get around downtown?

Does the rickshaw have cup holders?

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Should a "Botax" be imposed on vanity procedures such as breast implants, face lifts, tummy tucks and Botox injections?

Tax people for making themselves look better? Just another way to hunt the rich. And who says the rich are getting these procedures?! What about those who are getting these procedures due to injuries or illnesses.

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Leggo my Eggo! Waffles in short supply


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