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City wants ideas for homeless campsite

thinking that homeless people choose to be homeless is like thinking that gay people choose to be gay. yeah, people choose to live lives of persecution because... wait, no, they don't.

and for those of you who *actually* think that being gay is a choice: STFU! you obviously don't know what you're talking about. come on, it's the 21st century...

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Students take stab at deficit reduction

I was in this class.1. @ Reality_Check: The exercise was assuming, as President Bush has in his FY2009 budget, that we will be out of Iraq 90 days into FY2009, so that wasn't an issue. That's why the deficit is only expected to rise by $5.2 trillion. I don't even want to know how much it would rise if we stayed.We discussed pretty much all the issues you are talking about in the exercise (the 32 points about which the article talks). And actually, my group decided almost exactly as you have on those issues.2. @ ASBESTOS: Your argument for giving rich people social security benefits is pretty partisan. It's pretty obvious that these people don't need the government to give them money, even if it was once theirs. That's not what social security was designed to do (and is part of the reason it is falling apart). It's supposed to be for people who don't have the resources to support themselves in their old age.3. I don't know much about the capital gains tax, but it seems like everything was going smoothly before the Republicans in Congress decided to change it.

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