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100 years ago: County fair visitors to see unusual plants, new crops, bridge made of seeds

I have the original glass negatives of a dozen photos taken by Charles Manwaring on his fathers' farm in 1905. Two of them are of the greenhouse. They had a beautiful large house and a huge barn with a great stone foundation. I've seen the "Manwaring Barn" referred to on maps but have never located it. The family moved back to Waterloo, NY in 1913. Henry passed away in 1921. Photo plates were discovered tucked away in an old chest full of quilts in an undertakers' attic in Waterloo and sold on eBay. They'd probably had been there for over 90 years.

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Little bookstore that could

I make a point of purchasing books there. Not only because it is locally owned and operated, but also for their great selection. I always find books that later become favorites.

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What was the highlight of your summer?

I went to Kansas.

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Letter: Guns in church

I'm curious to learn what variety of firearm Jesus would use?

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Colorful creatures adorn Lawrence yards after recent snow storm

Paul Coker, who created the cartoon character "Frosty the Snowman" was born and raised in Lawrence. He is actually a very fine artist.

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What was your favorite part of the snow day?

Not being there.

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Jewish cemetery gets national designation

Good. Thanks are due to whoever made the nomination and saw the process through. Kol ha'kavod!

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Do you think we should get rid of the penny?

Stop making cents.

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Are you hoping for a white Christmas?

What's a white christmas?

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