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Police: Search for student Aisha Khan cost $36K in overtime

Though there have been no "public" explanations, friends or acquaintances of this young lady have flocked to the online comment sections and said that she was escaping an arranged marriage. Right, wrong or indifferent, doesn't matter -- but that's what everyone is saying.

Regardless, I don't understand what the fascination with this story is. Every bogus tip costs money to investigate. Every missing person costs thousands of dollars in time and money. At least she didn't call in and report a false crime...

The last time I checked, an adult not wanting to be found is not a crime. If I was 19 and marreid to a dude my dad forced me to marry for some religious reason, I'd run away too. Why she left her backpack AND cell phone, I don't know. But cell phones are traceable, so obviously, she wanted to be left alone.

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I-70 now open after early morning semi accident near Lecompton; injuries reported

She is one lucky ducky to get hit by 2 semis and not be the injured one!

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Coach Charlie Weis ‘recruited’ Sheahon Zenger

Fullmer was still my first choice, but like I've said before... finding someone interested in KU was 3/4 the battle.

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Virginia Tech: Police officer, 1 other killed

true, they're almost 4 hours apart. maybe the location of the AP office the story is coming from?

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Man sentenced to probation for beating girlfriend's kids with belt

I don't know which makes me more sick, Kittel or the child abuser. Child abuse NEVER merits probation.

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KU football players stand up for coach

We just got a new AD. This wasn't his hire, it was Lew's, so if you get rid of someone, you get rid of TG.

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Kansans for No Income Tax hit the road to spread message of abolishing state income tax

I'm glad you took the time to figure that out. Bravo!

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