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Who do you give holiday tips or bonuses to?

Teachers, hair dresser, child care provider

However, this may make me the grinch.. but I'm tired of everyone "expecting" holiday tips.. or just tips in general! Why does the burrito makers at Chipotle think they need a tip? There are even drive-thrus with tip cups in the window now. It's not up to us as consumers to make up for their low wages. We pay for a product. I will always tip my full-service restaurant servers, but sorry burrito dude.. you're SOL from this grinch!

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City, country clubs still dispute billing

All I'm reading is "city's fault" "city's fault" "city's fault."

Not the club's problem they were under billed and no way to prove how much water they actually used or how if/when the meter was incorrect or to what extent. I wouldn't pay the city a single dime!
There's no way it would hold up in court..

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Embattled Missouri congressman Todd Akin renews vow to stay in Senate race

And I betcha he can see Russia from his house...

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Amber alert canceled: 16-year-old girl in Leavenworth found

Agreed. The signs were up all over the interstates and all, for what? Romeo and Juliet?

I never read any media reports stating she had been kidnapped or was being held against her will. Amber alerts are for abductions and kidnappings of children. Not teenage runaways, sheesh.

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A KU license plate in Missouri? It could happen

...and Kansas will then offer MU license plates? No thanks :)

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Kanbulance is the life of the party

You guys are awesome.. this is by far the coolest thing I've seen in a long time :)

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Former wife of ex-KU official seeks judgment

You're completely wrong here. I am not all involved in our finances. We have an investment manager, an accountant, and my husband takes care of all of that. We don't live paycheck to paycheck, as the Kirtland's probably didn't either.. so if I wanted to know how much was in my checking account, I could probably find out.. but as for the other stuff, I go off what my husband tells me. He makes the money and is good with management, so I stay hands off.

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At what age should children get a Facebook account?

At conception.. since that's when life begins.

^ joke

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

Legislators need to find something better to do.. seriously.

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Police: Search for student Aisha Khan cost $36K in overtime

We never got an explanation on the guy who went missing before his daugther's wedding and ended up in Shawnee Mission Park. That one is more puzzling than this..

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