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Haskell freshman dies in Montana jail

THANK YOU JCHRISTINE.,,..You are theeee only one who is smart in this situation.,.,.,,.,,sheeeeesh..drama,drama,DRAMA! hate those who have their only conclusions.,.,.,.,,...,.,,..,,,think about the FAMILY YOU ALL.,.,,.,,.,dayyyyyyyyyyyyyum.,

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Lecompton man dies from injuries he received in motorcycle accident

Didn't know you could go to prison for texting. that's what she was doing. heard her step-dad is Danny Ward of the police dept.

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Accused rapist in Colorado not connected to rapes in Lawrence, Manhattan

He jusssssst got paroled on Oct.30th!!! sheeee whizzzzzzz.,.,.,,.

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

I was on the phone with a friend,,and I asked!,..,,. feelings exact!

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

*Maxcrabb*,.,.his postings all evening were stating how he from 4pm up to about 10pm,.,how he needed rum&coke.,,.and other updated comments on the morning of the 17th all day long how he wrote'' I DON'T FEEL SOOO GOOD',.,,or I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO,.,.and how he couldn't go to class but went.,,.,.they're still on there,.,and Ms.Leek's....,,I don't know. But that was gut wrenching when he stated that.,.,and the comment was from his cell phone...,.,

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

chrysanthemum,.,.,.,.I noticed that too,.,,.where at 12:40 am where he updates from his cell phone and states'Bi*@#,move out the way!'...I raised my eyebrow at that too,,,.hmmmmmmmmmmm,,.,.and the previous status's as well,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,,.wonder if that'll be 'evidence',.,.,.,.,,.Prayers out to the Leek Family,,.,.

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Eight firefighters honored for river rescue

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY #3!!!! Congratulations!!!

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Court sends child-rapist case back to Franklin County for resentencing

BOTH THESE POS'S NEED TO HURRY UP AND GO TO PRISON AND SEE HOW IT FEELS.,.,.,I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE OUTCOME,.,as for the Little Girl, I hope she is in Therapy and with a good PROTECTIVE FAMILY THAT LOVES HER.,.,,.I wish I could see what these two look like, because I would sure take 7-9 years of A#$ whooping clean out of both of them.,,.,.but I know the 'Hungry Inmates' will be welcoming them with open arms.,.,.,,.,..,,..,,..,,.,.karma is something else,.,.you leave someone to the 'wolves' you'll definitely be left to some yourself.,,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,

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Lawrence man arrested after knife incident at Brothers

Lmao @ Phog!!!

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