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Lawrence High School vandalized with anti-LHS graffiti

Awful. My freshman son is at LHS, and my sophomore so at FSHS. Why can't we all just get along? Well put, Ms. Draper.

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Prosecutor: No criminal charges warranted in case of woman who died in jail

Dear jail officials, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fake an upper g.i. bleed !!! This was clearly a life-threatening emergency. Dammit, just because they are inmates does not mean they are not human, and deserving of proper medical help. The exception is a child molester. I was once a nurse at CCA in Leave worth; if monsters like Robert Courtney and Keith Nelson merited our attention, then what the heck happened here? I smell a cover-up by the jail and KBI. Her family should go after the nurses and hospital as well. The woman should have been given an abd CT, which would have shown the spleen in need of removal.

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After surviving rare, aggressive form of breast cancer, Lawrence woman warns others to be on the lookout for it

Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, we must advocate very aggressively for ourselves. Did your doctors give you any flack over having a " normal" mammogram and yet getting the ultrasound? I surely hope not.
I lost a sister to the type of breast cancer you had.She was only 45. I am so glad you survived.
It is surreal, is it not, to acquire one of those extremely rare ones? I have not had breast cancer, but last year had the experience of being a lifelong non-smoker who developed a type of lung cancer with an occurrence of less than 1%.
Like you, my onc says I am "cured" but tumor markers are still elevated.
Here's to all of us-survivors !

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Sarah Palin to come to Kansas for event for Sen. Pat Roberts

Oh, Fred Mertz, Palin also referred to Africa as a country, not a continent. She is stoopid!

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Sarah Palin to come to Kansas for event for Sen. Pat Roberts

Roberts must have a burning desire to lose. Yes, I am now a Democrat.

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Police identify homicide victim as 56-year-old East Lawrence woman

God I hope the correct person(s) are found, tried, and convicted. This is one Democrat who favors the death penalty for this sort of crime!

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

Where do I go to sign? I have some choice words for all the rude imbeciles who think their stuff doesn't stink-YOU get over it!!
I am a lifelong non- smoker who lost part of a lung last year due to a carcinoid tumor. I had a less than 1% chance of developing such a thing. My pulmonologist and oncologist both blame second- hand smoke. When I am downtown and have to walk past someone's stench, I let them know I have already lost part of one lung and will not lose another! A "little smoke" could have cost me my life. The surgery was very risky to resect. Damn smokers have every right to. poison the air THEY breathe, but not what others do.

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Murder retrial for Martin Miller to be scheduled in May; bond set at $250,000

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