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Kansas House panel tables Medicaid expansion bill over objections of hospital supporters

Shirt heads!!! Morons like these are the reason I became a Democrat!!! Why, of course you have better things to worry about than the health and well-being of the citizens of Ks. Ppppfffftttt!

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Trump's win brings disappointment and hope for area voters

We are now the laughing stock and joke of the entire world! I went Democrat in 2012, when I finally opened my eyes to the hypocrisy that is the GOP.
I am terrified for myself, my children, and my granddaughter in a Trump led country. I fear for the hate towards LGBT persons, those Muslims who are NOT terrorists, persons of color, etc.
I am terrified this yellow-haired butthole will repeal the ACA. That means that in less than two years, when my youngest goes off to college, I am screwed!!! Due to the fact that Brownback spit 31 mil back in Obama's face, and refused to expand Medicaid in Ks, I will go down the drain. I will be a lung cancer survivor, on 18 different meds, with no insurance. Thank you to each and every idiot who voted for this pig. NOT!

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Kansas cancels 5 public meetings on Medicaid issues

Mr.Peterson, you hit the nail on the head. They don't want to face us. As a KanCare client, and the mother of a son with intensive special needs, I want to know precisely what providers will get hit with the reduced payments. As a lung cancer survivor, at only 52 I have meds that out of pocket would cost about a grand a month. Needing surgery to remove another "blob". I want to know if my providers will be affected. Every single KanCare client has the right to know!
To all those who are not clients but still care-thank you!!! To Mr. Brownback, you are a stonehearted bastard, and the reason I became a Democrat!!!

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Stepfather of infant found in trash faces attempted murder, abuse charges

Dear God. I believe he should get life for having no regard for this baby's life. Prisons have their own heirarchy and this guy would not fare well. Same thing for the mother if she knew of this and did nothing to stop it. A couple of pigs.

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50 slain at gay nightclub in Florida, worst mass shooting in US history

Why can't we all just live and let live? Stop hating someone because of how or whom they love! Those two men kissing were clearly more loving than the damn shooter!

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KU chancellor vetoes student fee funding Multicultural Student Government

I think I'm remembering the quote correctly -- separate but equal is inherently unequal. The opinion of the Supreme Court in the ruling to desegregate schools in Brown v. Board of Education, 1954.

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Lawrence High sophomore earns perfect ACT score

Congratulations, kiddo!
I am a bit confused--I thought the ACT is taken in the Jr year of high school?

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Court upholds tax evasion convictions of Atkins diet doctor from Lawrence

I stand behind Mary Vernon! She was my dr from 1984 until 2006. She helped me thru three pregnancies; the latter two very high risk. She knew when to call in the specialists.
I do not say that what she did should go unpunished. But that much time??? Absurd. We have drug runners getting lighter sentences.. I think sentencing her to work in a severely underserved area , and take her earnings until the tax debt is repaid would have been better. Patients who spent one appt with Mary either hated her or loved her. No in between. But there are many patients for whom she was the right dr; the right fit.

Why not put her to work as one of the prison doc's? She could do a lot of good while serving time.

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Neighbors of homeless shelter to meet with officials to discuss problems, concerns

I would normally agree, except for the fact that Trey Meyer's law license being suspended was confirmed by a very reputable Kansas legislator.

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Neighbors of homeless shelter to meet with officials to discuss problems, concerns

I do not believe it is right to cast an unfavorable shadow on all shelter residents due to the actions of a few. I do not claim to know what the long-term solutions are., I do think a start would help to get a director who is not an attorney whose license to practice law is suspended!

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