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Statehouse Live: Abortion clinic regulations focus of pro-choice rally

Unable to attend, through no choice of their own, were 85,327 people aged 16 and over who have been aborted in Kansas (easily half of these were female).

Also noticeably missing are the innumerable post-abortive women who have left behind the lies of "pro-choice" for having known first hand how anti-choice the very act of abortion is. Anti-choice for them, for once the act of death is performed on their Little One, all choices are gone, and anti-choice for their Little One who never made the choice to die.

And too, missing are those who are grateful that their mothers did not discriminate and label them as a "choice", but instead acknowledged their dignity as human beings and raised them with this knowledge.

Missing from this rally also are those that recognize the dignity and rights of all humanity, not just the humans they wish to acknowledge. This includes women in crisis pregnancy situations and their unborn Little Ones. All.

Missing are people who are knowledgeable enough about science to know that the fact that the life of a unique human being begins at the moment of conception is not disputed in any scientific circle, and believe that all are *created* equal with an inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And that without the right to Life, all other rights are inconsequential and moot.

Yes, there are many missing from this rally.

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