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KU continues to face key challenges

This editorial is spot on. KU faces tremendous problems and it is clear that the school’s current leadership is unfit to offer solutions that will have an immediate impact. The Chancellor has had numerous opportunities to show decisive leadership on a wide variety of issues and has instead allowed problems to fester. The Provost is no better and has likely wasted a golden opportunity to reshape the University by launching a strategic plan that is soliciting input from a whole variety of characters that have helped to cause many of the issues that KU currently faces.

In regards to the AD search it is clear that Ray Evans has a done a tremendous job. Clearly one doesn’t need to spend $150K to conduct a nationwide search for any of the positions that are currently open. The individuals in charge of the search process for both the B-School and Law School should approach Ray for advice. It’s strange to me that the B-School would even need to hire a search firm as the search is being conducted by the school’s leading HR professor. Then again I have met Professor Guthrie.

I, like numerous other alumni, am convinced that the b-school has just suffered “a lost decade” under the current Dean, who clearly should have been replaced by an interim in September. Dean Wuerst has clearly managed to harm the Schools position in the region over the last 10 years. The relationships that have been damaged and the promises that have been broken are too many to list, the fact that he was only reappointed 5 years ago as a result of the fact that too many other Deans had already left that year speaks volumes about the chronic weakness of Strong Hall.

In my opinion it is clear that the new B-School dean needs to be someone who can communicate with donors in a manner that shows to them his or her vision of the school’s future. Another academic just won’t cut it this time.

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MBA students respond to KU School of Business differential tuition audit

Jack - You and I both know that "pre-business" is one of the great scams out there. I've been in numerous B-School Advisory Board meetings where I've heard the Dean routinely refer to pre-business students as "cash cows" as they bring in all kinds of money and require very little support. It's not like KU is the only school in the Big 12 with pre-business students either.

Your discussion of FTEs is also interesting as nearly every professor I know in the B-School has been complaining about class sizes of late. Perhaps the School has too many professors who are merely clocking in once a week?

The bottom line is this: $30M dollars and six years later differential tuition is a total failure given the five point drop in the School's national rankings.

These students deserve the full support of the School's alumni base as they have brought about the opportunity for the School to correct the problems that have developed over the last 10 years.

I wish these students the best of luck as they venture out into the real world and I look forward to their active involvement with KU as alumni.

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KU business dean steps down in wake of allegations over mishandling of differential tuition

Good riddance. But why does he have to stay a full year, he has already screwed the school up enough.

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Breakdown of tuition funds still not given

As a minor donor to KU and a B-School alum, I have had the pleasure to interact with some of these MBAs over the last couple of months. While they may come on a little strong at first, its clear that they understand the issue and that KU has made a serious blunder in giving them the run around. If I understand them correctly, all they want is:

1) A restatement of all prior financials given the decision of the Dean & Associate Dean to terminate the oversight committee and for failing to keep and/or distribute financial statements.

2) The reestablishment of the required oversight and proper financial reporting going forward.

3) The removal of the Dean & Associate Dean from their current positions for their unethical and very much unprofessional behavior.

In the corporate world, the decision by a senior leadership team of a company to not keep track of 32 million dollars over six years through a failure to produce routine financial statements and the decision to eliminate oversight of a large chunk of their budget would be met with prompt termination. Such behavior is completely unprofessional and unethical. Why should it be any different in the world of academics?

If the Chancellor and Provost knew of half the people that these students have talked to they would be absolutely horrified. If even a quarter of the things the alumni base are hearing are even remotely accurate, it’s pretty clear that there are significant problems in the B-School.

To me it is clear that the Provost should move to terminate the Dean & Associate Dean with cause upon the completion of the Dean's 5 yr review. Such a decision will help to move the Business School forward and set an example for the Dean’s at the other schools as it would show them that KU believes that financial accountability is important.

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