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Junction City properties owned in part by Rock Chalk Park developer going to auction for unpaid taxes and fees

KU Endowment and Dr Zenger - KU Athletics, made all this possible. They allowed Fritzel to use KU as leverage with the public, with city officials, and in the newspaper to get what he needed.

Schumm, Dever, and Corliss are up to their eyeballs in this scam.

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Junction City properties owned in part by Rock Chalk Park developer going to auction for unpaid taxes and fees

The guy selling all the concrete at Rock Chalk Park, Bill Penny is a partner in Fort Development , Brent Padgett major KU donor and Endowment board member is a partner in Fort Development, Todd Sutherland local banker is a partner in Fort Development.

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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

A public official can commit honest services fraud only by accepting a bribe or a kickback.

A public official accepts a bribe when he “corruptly . . . receives . . . anything of value . . . in return for . . . being influenced in the performance of any official act.”

One element of bribery is that the public official must agree that “his official conduct will be controlled by the terms of the promise or the undertaking.”—“The illegal conduct is taking or agreeing to take money for a promise to act in a certain way.”

This agreement must include a quid pro quo—the receipt of something of value “in exchange for an official act.”

The agreement between the public official and the person offering the bribe need not spell out which payments control which particular official acts. Rather, “it is sufficient if the public official understood that he or she was expected to exercise some influence on the payor’s behalf as opportunities arose.”


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Letter: Public trust

Jeremy Farmer’s champagne contributions from just the Fritzel family and Paul Werner totaled over $1500.00

The PAC ‘United Lawrence’ contributed hundreds of dollars to Farmer, the Fritzel’s and Werner were large contributors to ‘United Lawrence’.

Would they have spent this kind of money on Farmer if it wasn’t for Rock Chalk Park needing approvals from city hall?

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Fritzel breaks silence on proposed Rock Chalk Park deal, says he won't profit from the KU sports complex

If Thomas Fritzel is now so open and transparent he should tells us a couple things about how he runs his businesses. What's he doing in Junction City about the three years of unpaid and delinquent real estate taxes he owes on the lots at Olivia Farms under Fort Development LLC. Who are his partners in Fort Development.

Who's moving into the Varsity House apartments and how many code violations did the city ignore when they accepted the $50,000 payoff.

After he tells the newspaper about these issues he could start telling the truth about Rock Chalk Park.

Notice this article does not mention the recreation center,

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KU portion of Rock Chalk Park project wins approval at Lawrence City Hall; KU Relays could be at site by 2014

Tax dollars will be used to build the infrastructure on and off site for this project. There will be tax abatement issued so no real estate taxes paid by Fritzel, there will be no sales tax on construction materials paid by Fritzel. The taxpayers will be spending money on this project.

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Lawrence Chamber of Commerce takes official stance in favor of $25M recreation center, proposed Rock Chalk Park

Doug Gaumer works for Intrust Bank. Thomas Fritzel's father-in-law is one of directors on board of directors of Intrust Bank.

Small world...

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KU athletic director presses case for Rock Chalk Park

Sheahon Zenger is getting his story's crossed. Not to long ago his staff said this project was needed to resolve a long standing Title IX law suit, now it's just "To Good To Be True". KU shouldn't cover up the fact that Thomas Fritzel can't do this with out financing with city issued Industrial Revenue Bonds, real estate tax abatement and no sales tax collected on construction materials, the City paying for all infrastructure to the site and on the site. And the special zoning that's being rushed through the process. KU will continue to pressure Bob Schumm, Mike Dever and the City into these one-sided agreements that only benefit Fritzel. The City must finish this before it becomes an election issue.

Zenger, take one for your own team and leave the taxpayers alone.

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods calls for citywide election on recreation center project

Where's Hugh Carter been lately, no stupid quotes in the newspaper.

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods calls for citywide election on recreation center project

Research Thomas Fritzel's recent deals. 1. The Varsity House. 2. Plastic grass. 3. Oread Hotel cell towers. 4. Junction City development, Olivia Farms.

Do you really trust Thomas Fritzel.

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