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Reader asks what kids learn from threat of a Hell

WOW... There are alot of nut balls on here...I agree with geniusmannumber1and demonfury...>> well is just a demon...And sounds like alot of people need to stock up on ice cubs..Ouch.......... Hey if it is not won't have to worry about ice cubs...But if it is true........You better get a life jacket..Fire retardent......because there will be alot of water from melting ice cubs... where yall are goin..ouch:)No worries.......

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Cancer survivor’s foundation delivers holiday cheer, support

Catch A Break Foundation sounds like a wonderful foundation to help out with. Merril in the morning on the LAZER is a great help for getting the message out to others in helping also. I hope we can have a change drive next year when they have Bras across the kaw....... Changing things a few cents at a time...... Maybe we can do this for families of cancer survivers for next christmas. I know this goes on all year and help is needed all YEAR as well...........Lets all help ......I know I will....Thanks so much Cindy....for all your help.A 2 time cancer survivor of 23 yearsLove ya allPokieMGM

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

I did not realize how many people that are on here were so little in mind ? WOW .. I support KU as well and take my kids to. And I say if they need to say it GO to the bathroom where all the other dump is at. And leave the FUN for the real FANS that really want to support and work with others in making this a great place for all to come. So if your a POTTY MOUTH....Maybe you can cheer in the bathroom. :)

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Homeless may find refuge in churches

I think they should put a center right up TOP of the police Dept. where the old jail use to be. And let the homeless work for the city for board, food maybe? Or maybe make a couple or 3 apts up there for the families and maybe the dads could work for the city as well and earn some extra so that they may get a place later. Maybe make it a 6 mo. apt. for FREE....well they could work for the city. and they could get pay as well.? Just a thought !There are sure alot of whinners whinning about the homeless. Ever thought about helping?

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Farmers Turnpike topic of meeting

Soon there will be no place for the farmer..You are right stupid idea.... We should of known there was something fishy about the kasold redo...... should of known!!! ALL they think about is build HEY GO BACK OVER TO...>>> South trafficway...... and stir the pot there......... OOOoopsssss did I say that.... sorry :( . :)GRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Escapee from juvenile center captured by police

Yeah....bdrm4ever......... Just like the dog deal.....leave your kids outside to play...... It is safe....If they pull a gun they just do... If the hunted happen by and pick one of your children up...don't worry....... The GOOD OL in control.........

OH BOY FOR THAT>>>>>>>>>

Lets thank the GOOD OL BOYS..........


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City expresses support for domestic partnership registry

This is a great Idea. We already have this at my work for my partner and myself. We don't abuse the Insurance.
It is sad when people can't or don't want to understand.

And Weezy_Jefferson -- You are 100% right...

OK all you fred phelps followers.... if you have nothing better to say... go back to church.

And Barclay it will happen.
As long as there is a Key to open the door it will open.
Even if you have to get a locksmith...It will open.. :)

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Legislation would prevent horses from being killed and sold for meat

I agree with you Carolannfugate, I am the proud owner of American Miniature Horses and Miniature Donkeys.
I for one didn't know about the slaughter houses, if this bill doesn't get passed, we are gonna see things like the puppy mills popping up, except they will be horse mills, breed them just to kill them.
I don't care what anyone says, it isn't right to eat a horse.

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Landlord balks at paying damages

Good for Ms. Morales and Mr. Jackson. This kind of crap has got to stop. And GOOD for you Judge Six... The wallet is always a great place to start.... Maybe the
Younquist family will think twice before doing this again.
And as for Lynne Sanders..... She better go do some real soul searching and BIBLE reading..... If she would of done that in the first place...She would of know that the LORD does not work this way....
Great Job.....
Sincerely a Friend

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