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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

I agree with Jeremy. I challenge you to come on down...

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Police investigating shooting in parking lot of Lawrence McDonald's

Lawrenceloser......You would be dead then... :) They are Quicker there and don't ask questions...

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Over 100 animals find homes during free adoption day

Happypill---They will be having more FREE ADOPTION DAYS, one in July and one in Aug. Just keep your eyes on the LJW... :)

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Woman killed after falling out of party bus

The door was not faulty..... But I can say, when you add alcohol and intoxication together Things happen. It happens all the time..... Even on school busses when a fight breaks out on a bus the first thing that comes open is the back door. Maybe they need to put some safety measures on the back door to prevent this from happening. Just a thought.... But our prayers are with the ladies family and friends that was with her.

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St. Pat’s parade: Good friends, good beer, good music

Know one ask you to celebrate DEFI....If you don't want to do anything....then don't.......But leave the rest of us alone......Because we are having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Happy pats day..

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North Lawrence accident leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

It is the LAW.......That if you DRIVE any kind of car.....a person walking has the ride of way... even if there is NO CROSS WALK>>>>...THE LAW :)

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Brownback speaks at religious event

I'm not to fond of Mr. Evilsam....But I was very surprised at what he said last night. I will give him that credit.... :)
And well for the other Americans United for Separation of Church and State...Go put a pot of TEA on and don't worry about t he little things.... God will take care of it.... :)

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Drug testing for Kansas welfare recipients proposed

I think that woud be a great Idea...IF the Government did that , 3/4 of them would be kicked off for good...There goes Trillions of dollars restored. Now that is the best Idea I have heard yet..... Then lets cut the Presidents Check in 1/2......Then the X-presidents.....We don't need to pay them either........Lets cut there pay right off....They can get a job and earn money.... LEts seeeeee.....what next......the House....??? :)

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KU men's basketball player Cole Aldrich, wearing a protective boot on his left foot, reaches down to

WOW....what a big boot.....and what a cute little girl.;...

Thats my girl

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Home south of Lawrence severely damaged in blaze; no injuries reported

Pywacket that was well put.... Nice job...and I think we can all thank you for that posting. I feel the same way.This is a nice and loving family....and I can tell you when they read the statment of the KOOK...................They were wondering what kind of NUTSSsss would write something like that......Well they have each other and friend and family... and people like some on here that are comforting at this time...Thanks for all on here who cared ......

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