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75th Anniversary of The Duke and 75,000 fans in Lawrence; police officers association endorses three for City Commission

Perhaps you should ask Terry Riordan what he thinks of Matt Herbert (and vice versa) before jumping to conclusions about them being affiliated with each other.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

I'm curious. What was the point behing your mentioning a city commission candidate who had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any part of the contracting or building process of Rock Chalk Park in a discussion about the audit?

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Editorial: Gutted gun law

You're seriously comparing making gun owners who want to concealed carry pay to get a permit to the systemic disenfranchisement, segregation, and lynching of African-Americans?

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Ferguson businesses torched in overnight protests

This is some nice, nuclear-weapons grade horse hockey. Here's the truth:

1. African-American people use drugs at a lower rate than Caucasian people in this country.
2. African-American people are thirteen times more likely to be thrown in jail on drug charges than Caucasian people in this country.
3. When imprisoned, African-American people serve average sentences almost three years longer than Caucasian people in this country.
4. African-American women use drugs while pregnant at the same rate as pregnant Caucasian women in this country.
5. Pregnant African-American women are ten times more likely to be reported to child welfare agencies for prenatal drug use than pregnant Caucasian women in this country.

You complain about African-American kids growing up with no family structure? This is why they grow up with no family structure! Their parents are thrown in jail for ticky-tack offenses that other people get away with. We are responsible for this. We have the power, and we've abused it to the detriment of not only countless families but to America. Liberty and justice for all? Try liberty and justice for the deserving. At least we'll be honest then.

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Editorial: Experience counts

When did the Republican Party public relations team take control of the Lawrence Journal-World's editorial board?Experience means nothing if that experience leads one to make disastrous decisions like, say, blowing a gaping hole in the budget by savagely cutting revenues or casting a vote to trigger an economic cataclysm that would make the Great Depression look like a pebble landing in the ocean.

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'No big deal:' the real consequences of dealing marijuana in Lawrence

There are also many risks associated with drinking alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to:

- impaired brain development,
- impaired vision,
- impaired memory,
- ataxia,
- depression,
- anxiety,
- hallucinations,
- delusions,
- sleep disturbances,
- cancer,
- anemia,
- alcoholic cardiomyopathy (holiday heart),
- cirrhosis of the liver,
- pancreatitis, and last but not least,
- death.

The evidence is clear that alcohol is a far more risky drug than marijuana and should be banned. Yet nobody actually follows through on this. Why?

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Taylor withdraws from U.S. Senate race

I have one question that would determine my vote for Orman. If you were in the Senate and had to vote on a bill that would fund the government and avert a default on the goverment's financial obligations, would you vote yea or nay? Could some enterprising reporter ask him this question please?

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Editorial: Unflattering poll

While it's possible the uninsured rate rose less than 5%, it's also possible the uninsured rate rose more than 5%. What is statistically improbable is that the uninsured rate stayed stable or even increased by a merely small proportion. The error necessary to reach that conclusion from the survey would be monstrous.

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Office seeks input on laws to repeal

KSA 21-3505(a)(1).

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Suggested readings about the Common Core controversy, pro and con

The pro-Common Core articles are written by groups with a variety of political perspectives. The anti-Common Core articles all come from nominally conservative organizations.

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