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Blizzard Blog: Douglas County in bulls' eye for tonight's storm; blizzard warning in effect

A friend of mine who just returned to Kansas after spending a 6 month winter at the South Pole defined the current storm as "con2." Not to be messin' with. I'll take his word over some spuriously existent boaters on Lake Superior.

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Stripper Announcement: I'm Going to Paris! And Here's Who's Coming With Me...

Here is a scan of my own copy of the 7-inch I referenced in the previous post!:

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Stripper Announcement: I'm Going to Paris! And Here's Who's Coming With Me...

Hey Anna, is it too late for me to make my own contribution? It is very lightweight, very portable and absolutely Kansan, and absolutely priceless. I'll trust it with you! My very own copy of the Embarrassment's first single, "Patio Set/Sex Drive."

This record has sold for over $500 on ebay. Here's a web site about it: this is not my copy!


Nothing that you listed is inherently Kansan. What I am willing to loan you is quintessentially Kansan!

I can also loan you my copy of Tom Frank's "What's the Matter With Kansas" for the plane ride. Let me know!

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Who will curb insane salaries in university athletics?

The interesting thing is that Dolph, as a man of privilege, rails against KUAC staff who had to work their way to the top. Mangino started his career as a tollbooth collector on the Penn Turnpike.

What did Dolph do to achieve his position as executive editor of the LJ-W? He fell out of his mommy's tummy into a good pile of cash.

I normally wouldn't care about this, but Dolph brought it up.

He is just jealous that the profession that his parents groomed him for--exec ed of the LJ-W--doesn't pay as well as the prominent sports positions on the Hill.

One note to Dolph, brother. Buck up and prove yourself to be a leader of men on par with Bill Self, Turner Gill, and Lew Perkins. Then I'l listen to your socialist teenage rantings. Dolph, you are bush league.

(Kansas University should consider themselves lucky to have Lew as AD at 400K/per. Lew could generate tens of millions per annum in a private sector PR firm.)

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Stripper Blog: From North Africa, to the Middle East, to Kansas

Well written Anna, and a prime example why I go nowhere on weekends. Amateur nights on the whole.

And, I don't need a Kealing deletion to surmise who 'justchuck' is. You are correct, she's hotter than a casino jacuzzi in December! ;)

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KU declines to release details of Mangino's settlement agreement for now, says deal is not finalized

This is all "second verse, same as the first." Just like in 2004, the LJW and KPA will take the KUAC to court, and the judge will find in favor of the plaintiffs.

And, of course, KU Athletics will provide the settlement information demanded. The only question is, which media outlet will receive that information first? It will NOT be the J-W, let me tell you. It will likely be the KC Star or the Topeka C-J that will "scoop" the J-W on this. Mark my words.

It's just amusing that Perkins and the KUAC "used" the LJ-W throughout the Mangino witch hunt. Now the deed is done, Perkins has no use for the J-W and the status quo is reinstated. I just wonder if Dolph and his buddies got seat upgrades out of getting used!

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Raider, KU Athletics "sources" have a history of leaking news to other media outlets before informing the J-W. It's just the KUAC's manner of showing Dolph just who is boss in this town.

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Suicide numbers climbing

As someone who has lost a few friends to suicide--including my friend Rikki's ex-husband--I will say that this article, and the previous commentors do a great job of oversimplifying, and therefore, dismissing, the root causes of suicide.

The media and most people will ascribe suicide to exogenous factors. There's where the oversimplification starts. In fact, much like the dissolution of a friendship or marriage, there is not one factor that can easily "explain away" why anyone chooses to end their life.

I was on my way to a KU basketball game once when a friend called and wanted to talk to me. I was running late for the game, and told him I'd talk to him later. He killed himself that night. Was it my fault I wasn't there for him? I've spent years beating myself up over that, but I realized that there were times I was there for him, and prolonged his life. In effect, whatever I did and did not do played no role in his decision--which was his right.

All my friends who have passed on in this manner still hold a dear place in my heart.

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Shoppers hunt for door buster bargains

Here's the litmus test, informed. Say, you are a law enforcement officer. What would you do if someone improperly presents themselves in a hostile environment as an LEO?

As a civilian who is ex-military, I do check people's ID's when they do ID themselves as law enforcement. In the liquor sales business, I do encounter law enforcement a lot, and I do ask for identity when they present themselves. If anyone fraudulently presented themselves as an LEO, I would have no problem turning them over to the proper authorities.

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