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Judge dismisses suit man made against Shawnee County couple he held at knifepoint

Just wondering if he paid these folks any money up front or if he expected them to trust that he was going to pay up after the fact?

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Former AG Phill Kline files ethics response, quotes Bible

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Grateful driver

And that's even if it is really one of the girls and not someone trying to play a stupid joke.

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Aisha Khan’s family giving reward to police, charity

Well jafs, I would agree with holding people accountable for their actions and not just certain groups but everyone. A lifelong smoker should pay the cost of their healthcare is one I would really like to see.

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Turner Gill’s focus on MU, not on his future

He should be focused on the game because he has no future here!

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12 cited for underage drinking violations in Saturday night sting

But is this the best way to stop the abuse? I believe our tax money can be better utilized than by busting a very small group of offenders.

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Malott Hall evacuated after report of possible chemical spill

It happens at least once a semester!

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Sunflower downer: Two-minute stretch seals KU's fate in 59-21 loss to Kansas State

Those defending Turner Gill keep saying what a good man he is. I don't disagree with that. He is a guy you would like as a friend or neighbor and maybe as the coach of the local little league football team but not a division 1 team. You need some that can instill mental toughness, build physical stamina, create pride in the players and motivate and inspire them. I have seen absolutely no evidence of any oh this.

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How many text messages do you send in an average day?

I send maybe 1 or 2 per day but my teenage daughter averages 12k to 13k a month. Thank goodness for unlimited texting plans

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