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New undersheriff appointed in Douglas County

Jim Martin is a good guy - the SO is lucky to get him!

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Family makes tradition of celebrating girl's birthday with fire station crew

Happy Birthday Piper!!

I think its wonderful that the Northrup family continues to foster their relationship with the firefighters and paramedics of Station 4. All first responders should be so lucky!!

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Measure banning "wrongful birth" claims approved by Kansas Senate

I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you so very much for sharing the 'been there, done that' perspective with such heartbreaking honesty. I am grateful that your family had some time to try to prepare for the inevitable death of their beloved child.

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Man with stolen sword, blind cat, arrested on suspicion of burglary

okay - you win! too hilarious!!!

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Local government employees racked up more than $3 million in overtime in 2012

Lawrence is in DOUGLAS COUNTY....

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Snow more: Winter storm warning issued for Monday, Tuesday

We've got a snowman in Eudora wearing a wig! Makes me smile to see the kids (young and old) out playing in the gorgeous snow!!!

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

Or CARE that they don't know what they are talking about.... Terrible customer service. Pay a little more, hire adults who WANT to have the job - voila! Happy customers and happy employees.

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Letter: Fee concern

I was looking at the Humane Society website earlier this week and they had several puppies that were listed for $450.00 - I thought that was outrageous at the time and when I saw the above letter I went back to check on them and none of them are listed now... So, does that mean they were all adopted or were their advertisements taken down to avoid more controversy?

I recently found an elderly, injured yellow lab. It was about 7 p.m. and when I called animal control, I got the recording to call the police department. I called the police department and an officer immediately came out who had to explain to me that if t they were able to reach the 'on call' at the humane society he would transport the dog to the humane society, but if they couldn't I would have to decide to either just let the dog loose again or take her home with me for the night. Apparently, the humane society no longer has temporary cages available and it is also not uncommon for the 'on call' to not respond to the police department. So, the police department doesn't just have to take their time to respond to injured/stray animal calls after hours, but they could be just completely wasting their time. How is this better managed than how it used to be? Fortunately, the 'on call' was available and met the police officer at the humane society - but couldn't come pick up the dog.

I've also heard that the humane society has turned away volunteers and also 'fired' long time volunteers because it wasn't advantageous to the humane society. How is that possible? Free, caring labor isn't advantageous? What? So, increasing adoption fees is necessary to support the humane society costs, but turning away free help is also necessary? Are they no longer accountable to our community and the animals that should be served by their very existence? I didn't and don't know Midge Grinstead, but I'm thinking the current management is definitely lacking when compared to the previous. Does anyone know the amount of money the new director earns? I'm thinking too much.

I really don't know how this 'better' professional management is benefiting anyone or any creature.

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