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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

i agree with tir
it's like saying a girl deserves to be raped who wears a short skirt or low cut blouse....no one ever deserves to be assaulted and no one deserves to be punished for having controversial views...this is all just so ridiculous and i can't believe i'm seeing some of this being said...aren't we supposed be civilized and modern???

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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

i hope your joking
cause i dont think any faith would find that accpetable.

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Mirecki treated after roadside beating

well if it was dark then the details would be sketchy because visibilty would be poor to say the least...and there could always be factors that we the people are unaware of....also for those of you who ever wondered why people dont report cases of violation or abuse...well maybe they think you'll assume they made it up.
pretending to be beaten up, and having bruises to show it is pretty difficult to accomplish.

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Ban on obscenity in schools sought

Man I'm startin to think that I should migrate out of this state with the direction education in Kansas is taking, I definately don't ever want any kids of mine to be taught here. Not exposing students to diversity in life...which includes controversial subject matter, is leaving them in the dark, which is cruel.

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KU could face heat in Topeka

you can't fight 2000 years of turning the other cheek...saying in one breath to be fair and discriminating in the next....christians have always had power in numbers...leaving everyone else to fend for themselves when all they want is their voice to be heard...one man may have said something crass but so have other important figures....with the freedom of speech it doesnt matter who you are, if you say it and it's heard it matters that what we've fought for...right?

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KU could face heat in Topeka

we all know this isnt really about a professor it's about ideals and what we feel we deserve
Christians are on the side that ID is worthy and
Non Christians are waiting for something else to come along.
when you question something like history and science in the face of faith it becomes a very ugly debate
wouldn't it be better if we all just got along
or would we then find something else to argue about?

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KU could face heat in Topeka

well i'm sure if you spoke to those professors in question you would perhaps more at ease....things are not always as one reads them to be in the news, and these scholars are professionals....and these are elective classes....also i'm curious how do you feel about priests who misrepresent their faith? please dont take that as an attack, it's just a question

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KU could face heat in Topeka

LarryFarma what are you so afraid of

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KU could face heat in Topeka

the issue seems to be the implication that if one can't prove their side is it because the other can...its like telling someone they can't do something they seem to feel that you are saying that you can....in the end we are as i have said before human, a creature, a mammal, we eat and breath, we are part of the earth, beyond that we are so consumed with confusing ourselves so that we no longer what to believe

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KU could face heat in Topeka

here's the part i find funny, if some guy was walking around town saying he was he son of the creator and turning water into wine we'd have him committed....oh also that relgions war with each other, totally seems counterproductive to me and if i were a god i'd be ticked off that people are so base

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