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good post, just_another_bozo_on_this_bus.

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How much of your holiday shopping are you doing online?

Absolutely none at all, only because i don't have a credit card, otherwise I would.

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Attorney's law license suspended for over-charging

Q:Why don't lawyers go to the beach? A:Because the cats keep trying to bury them in the sand. Q: What's wrong with Lawyer jokes? A: Lawyers don't think they're funny, and nobody else thinks they're jokes.

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Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage

I was paraphrasing his quote, there is the connection.

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Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage

Tony88, I haven't found any source of information that links any deaths in this city to the federal minimum wage of 5.15/hr. nor any that state that if the federal minimum wage had been X amount more, then said person would have lived. If you can find any,please post for me the link. if the minimum wage is causing deaths than I certainly am all for raising it. You asked "can someone at this wage afford health care?" I don't see how they could. I make more than 5.15 an hour and I can't afford health care. I dont want anybody leeching off the government, i.e. taxpayer supported programs. You also stated that in addition to other problems, low wages are instrumental in creating the requirement for social welfare programs. Does this mean that you are for raising the minimum wage and abolishing social welfare programs? If so, then I believe you are half right. I also believe that even if we raised the minimum wage to x amount...not only would there still be social welfare programs, but there would still be people leeching off of them. Btw I applaud our public discourse. It is so much nicer to engage in political philosophical discussions as we have, then continuing to read the namecalling and bickering of certain other posters. We are all rational logical thinking beings, and we are all on the side of wanting to better ourselves, it's much easier to do that when we listen objectively to all ideas before concluding our own.

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Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage

"It's the government's responsibility to respond to the needs of it's citizens. This is a NEED to live."- People in Lawrence are dying right now because the minimum wage isnt high enough??? Tony88, not one person has died as a result of the minimum wage remaining stagnant for the past several years in the city of Lawrence, not unless it was by choice, there are plenty of outlets for those with little or no money. As a counterpoint I would also submit that not one person would have died as a result of having INCREASED the minimum wage either. You have made the assertion that it is the governments responsibility to respond to the needs of it's citizens, If having a job were a right then perhaps you would have a point, HAVING a job isnt a right, SEEKING employment certainly is. On a side note I would like to mention that I work at an hourly rate job in the single digits. I dont have a car because I can't afford one. In the winter months this makes it quite difficult for me to get to work... If it were blizzarding hard enough it would be impossible for me to get to work. Can I rightly petition the government for a vehicle since i cant afford one and sometimes would need one to get to work? Of course not... nor should i receive one. It is my responsibility to get to work, just as it is my responsibility to perform my job duties, just as it is my responsibility to seek employment, just as it is my responsibility to feed myself, clothe myself, bathe myself, and if i cant do these things it isnt the governments responsibility to do these things for me.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Quick Ned! he's coming right at us!!! thinout their numbers!

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Murtha support draws fire

here's a few links i found with slightly different wordings... incidentally the whole idea of me calling myself a "middleoftheroader" came from this very test... i scored as a centrist libertarian years ago and still do... http://www.lptn.net/wspq/ http://www.3pc.net/matchmaker/quiz.html http://lincoln.lpnc.org/quiz.html http://www.quizilla.com/users/mountai... http://www.freedomkeys.com/whoshould4... http://www.quiz2d.com/ there are many more too...lol

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Murtha support draws fire

there are a few variations of that test... different wording of basically the same questions, though often it will result in different answers. if anybody would like links to the similar tests let me know. the particular testlink given by agnostick is considered to be slanted toward libertarian ideology

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Democrats dominate

I just hope that both parties realize that what the people asked for was democrats. which means that the repubs that are remaining need to let the democrats do what the democrats do. also the democrats need to realize that they need to do democrat things not moderate republican things or centrist things. they are democrats and thats what the people want, so be democrats. I may be in the middle of the road but this election showed that the majority of the people arent, both parties need to realize this. now please all you democrats go out there and give us our personal freedoms that the repubs wouldnt give us!!!!!

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