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Police investigating deaths of two men found near Amtrak station

Sarah is buried along the Kaw,a place that she liked to hang out at,a place she set watched the eagle soar!!Please respect this and leave this site be,it now is sacred ground,more so than the mud hole of a so called wetland will ever be-written by a native from Kansas-also is the M.L. feelow the nrac from the early 70's.late 60's,worked for Vern??Some folks may still be seeking you out!!!! Leave the homeless be,but the city needs to do their job,clear the outdoor living in the city,like the cuty codes are written,laws on the books in this fine city mean mnothing,nobody enforces them.Get these people moved indoors,maybe even give them jobs to clean up ,like cigarette butts in your so called BEAUTIFUL downtown?Or just trash ,have them earn thier place to sleep and eat,or make them leave the city ??

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Police find flooding at Oread Inn site both Wednesday and Thursday morning

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Infrastructure tax

One more thing,or a couple or more?Watch the city take this tax increase,and they will most likly get it,and let the Pines build thier industrial park,before they,the city improves the drinage issue,and where does that little creek drain to,right back into North lawrence,smooth move HUH TED???Put more money in the golf course at Clinton lake,good investment,did that instead of improving the city?What are you thinking,a vote for any of this is wrong,you cannot trust the city at this time,they will just waste your dollars on more foolish things..Firetrucks are probably needed,why did they not do this as time went bye? Like one at a time,why wait until they need a whole new fleet,they buildt new very fancy fire houses,where did that money come from?Big time waste,and now asking for more,if you vote yes,then do all your shopping in Lawrence and pay your dues,the yes folks can afford to go out of town to shop,and probably do.Ask them where they spend their money?In Lawrence,they complain that there is nowhere to shop here.Vote NO,a vote for these is just wrong,Please think before you leap,the creek may be shallow!!!!!!

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Infrastructure tax

Yes it is a con,they will still,like in the past just forget about the North Lawrence drainage and waste it on ,like round-abouts or something pretty for downtown.I have lived in North Lawrence for over 30 years now and have heard this before,if the city gets some more money we will improve the drinage-HA! never happend TED,you just speaking out your rear end!!!!!Why hurt the elderly and the disabled for something the city should have taken care of with the money they have wasted on a bunch of things,hiking trails?Round abouts again?West Lawrence street improvements,when the ones on the north side are in worse shape?Enforcing city codes,no signs on city right of way or poles?No more than two garage sales a year?No junk cars or trucks left parked in your yard?No parking in your yard?Weeds and brush over 12 inches high?Dicthes never cleaned out?No curbs up here in on most streets.The list goes on ,on with what your city has just overlooked thru the years!!!!Why bother they think, nobody who would live in North Lawrence cares.What are all those city inspectors doing now that the housing industry has just quit?Why keep paying them?Why pay a commish that does nothing,and they gave themselves a raise-WHY?Our tax dollar at work Ted,wake up,all the North Lawrence Ass. does is have pot luck dinners anyway,never anything to help improve this part of town!!!!So Vote NO on all three,the people that live and do shop here need to stand up and do what is right!!!!!!!!!Lawrence needs help,but more taxes are not the answer,can the T,NO to taxes!!!!!!!Sorry Ted but you need to do your job,and should have started before this week!!!Clean up North Lawrence,make the city do their job first ,then maybe ask for the taxes!!!!The city has known about the drinage problems for years,and never acted ,now blowing more smoke,just to get your vote!!!!!!Nothing will ever change!!!!!!!!

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Voters hear arguments for, against sales taxes

And what has Ted Boyle done for North Lawrence,Nothing!! People with old cars and trucks parked in thier yards,yards that need cleaned up.Just has let this part of town turn into the slum of Lawrence.Why does he not report these people to the city??Maybe afraid to lose his little worthless title?All are city code violations,HE and the city just ignore the North side!!Park some junk car in your yard on the west side or don't paint your house and see how long it takes to get the cities attention!!!!Come on Ted just get out and look around where you live and report these people to the city,make them clean and the city do what the taxes we already pay work for us to!!Vote No for all new taxes,and not just to stop the T but to make the city spend the money the way it should be!!!

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T needed

No to higher sales tax!!!!Lawrence cannot afford this!!!!Vote NO,Please use your brain and think!!!The city is going to rip you off.Us the poor cannot afford this.Live like i do,see what you would do??????Or how you can do it???Vote NO!!!!What is a choice rider?????Not a disabled person,they never say anything about this to me?Vote NO!!!!!!!!!!!

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Save, then change

First time i have ever done this,but here goes!!I read this CRAP everyday about the Big Time city bus-The T,who is this Merril fellow or woman or whatever??He is just wrong!!!I am another disabled citizen of Lawrence,without a car,live on a very small income,in a very small palce,alone!!!But that has really not anything or much to do with this.I am going thru my second round of good old radition for cancer,my business!!!I cannot drive also due to seizures,and do not use the bus system in Lawrence and go to the hospital three times a week,and to a doctor at least once a week.Remember i have no car,I walk,rain,heat,cold,crap or whatever,4 blocks to the river bridge,down those old wonderful wood steps,across the park and onto the hospital and back,same with the doctors,one at the hospital,two are on sixth st.one past Hyvee on Sixth,really a long walk,why do i not use the bus you ask,IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!Not even the one that comes and picks me up at my front door,i can walk there and get there on time,always late when i ride the bus.Terrible service!!!!!I say vote NO,cannot afford any more taxes,poor already!!!And don't need prices to keep going up even faster with this stupid cities help!!!!Wake up Lawrence,save your money and mine,please help and VOTE NO!!!Can the T,what the H,i or the rest will miss it,it is always empty,except for a couple times a day and on certain routes.Live in North Lawrence and try to ride the stupid thing,it does not work!!!I can walk to walmart and back faster than i can get there and home on the bus!!! Even feeling the way i feel after getting nuked,have to stop and rest,but still faster!!!Lawrence will just suffer if it passes,wait and watch!!I know i will suffer if you Lawrence goodie two shoes pass this!!Please Listen to reason and vote NO-NO-NO-NO

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