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Only in Lawrence can you see a woman at Free State Brewery drinking a beer while breastfeeding her child.

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Lawrence Associations - Where's Midge?

You know the funny thing, there are several people on that board that I don't remember ever seeing at any Humane Society event that I attended. Now there are others that I see at everything. But some of them I know personally and I don't remember seeing them even at the annual auction.

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Lawrence Associations - Where's Midge?

Harry Bear was across from South Park (around the corner from the dance studio) back in the early or mid 80s.

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Thanks for posting.

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Toe, it is more than just one person but the Lawrence Humane Society has made great strides and become one of the best in the country under Midge's leadership. She can't do it without the wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly for the animals in need but they also can't do what they do without her.
These posts only begin to touch on the things that our humane society has accomplished because of Midge's endless and selfless efforts. I can tell you from my experience working with the humane society and Midge that there isn't anyone else at this time that has the experience, heart, clout, support and connections that Midge does. Our board better think good and hard about their decision. The lives of many animals are at risk. If egos and personalities are at issue here, they need to get over themselves and remember their responsibility is to the animals.

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Which of these classic scary movies is your favorite?

I feel the same way about Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

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Deny Phelps attention he craves

That says a lot about KU and KU Law. I wouldn't want to be on their "friend list"

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Deny Phelps attention he craves

The Associated Press is also supporting Fred Phelps.

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U.S. Supreme Court ponders free speech vs. father's pain in Phelps funeral protest case

1) Because Fred and his followers are very clever in that they take their children and grandchildren to these protests and surround themselves with them. Nobody in their right mind is going to take a shot at someone who is surrounded by children. The unfortunate things is that these children are growing up surrounded by the hatred their parents and grandparents preach.
2) It would only add fuel to the fire regarding the "evils of America" and probably just make matters worse.
The question as I see it is why can't our government just have some brains and protect the rights of our soldiers and their families when they are at a cemetary and/or church?
Someday Fred and the rest of his followers will have their judgement day.

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