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Lawrence-born filmmaker honors late father, parents' love story in 'The Good Catholic'

Anxious to see this film about two wonderful people! Mrs. Shoulberg's former students alone are numerous enough to make it a smash hit! ;-)

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CLOSINGS and modified hours Feb. 6

Snow Day #2 for The Floor Trader. Closed Wed. Feb.5. ;-( Calls forwarded so call us if we can help in this way. 785 841-3838. Stay safe and warm!

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CLOSINGS and modified hours Feb. 6

The Floor Trader, 3000 Iowa St., Lawrence will be closed Tuesday Feb, 4. Happy Snow Day! Look on the bright side and eat Snow ice cream? Make Snow Angels? Sing "Snow" from "White Christmas"? Thank a snow-removal worker!

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St. John School undergoing $2.18 million expansion

The last 8th grade class at St. John's was in the late 60's. It was rough on the students to go from 8th at St. John, 9th at a public junior high and 10th at LHS (that's all there was then!). 3 schools/3 years. Always having to "fit in" to an existing social circle/heirarchy in each new school. Tough for any kids that age!

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Some things don't change... and that's for the better! The original Texas Burrito tastes the same today as when I first had one in high school in the 1970's In fact, I think they're still using the same plates and hardly changed the decor since then either but always clean and greeted with a smile . ;-) Hard to find a better value for the money.

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Sales and a Tax Free Holiday to Ease the Burn of Back to School Shopping

Thanks for encouraging business to LEAVE not only the town but the state! That's a sure-fire way to help the local economy and boost sales tax income and local financial improvement. There are plenty of bargains in town. You ladies need to look at the bigger picture.... which is NOT at the bottom of your purse.

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What is your dream job?

To run the Dumbo ride at Disney World... (except when it's really hot outside!)

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Boycott of KU-MU game urged

Are you suggesting I BUY a $45 ticket (for an event that I am supposedly protesting) in order to receive a meager food discount?!? Even if I HAD the ticket already (through a season ticket purchase) I wouldn't trade my $45 ticket to receive a $3.00 discount on food (or whatever the offer is) that I had to spend ADDITIONAL money on in order to get the discount. Where's the flaw in my logic.... or yours? For many reasons, I don't like the game in KC any more than anyone else in Lawrence but I think this offer is nothing more than trying to "buy" my $45 coupon/ticket for a "$3" discount. You'll have to improve your offer with the customer in mind, not the merchant! PS: Exactly how does this plan hurt the Athletic Department in the wallet anyway??

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