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U.S. economic 'crisis' is overblown

Will can use a thesaurus and knows what to say to keep getting published but not much else there. An argument can be made that the downturn is very much understated. The downturn of the 90's was due to the internet bust. It was the economic engine that fueled the economy. The only thing to fuel the economy since then has been credit. The national debt has nearly doubled to $9 Trillion and the dollar has lost half of its value. We are seeing the long term results of Greenspan and the Era of Greed ushered in by Reagan et al.

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Clinton: Law should be same for gay couples

Her daughter wears an inverted cross around her neck. Guess whose side the Clintons are on. McCain and Obama are just as bad.

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Where is a good Breakfast place?

Johnny's Tavern=breakfast of champions.

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Costs of war

Look up PNAC in Wikipedia, follow the link and read their own manifesto and you'll see what this neocon adventure is really all about. It's not going to change if we get a Democrat either. Thanks to the mainstream media it's a non-issue.

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War motives

Read up on PNAC in wikipedia. Read their manifesto and you'll see what the invasion and occupation of Iraq is really all about. Iran is next and none of the current candidates will do anything to stop the neocon agenda. The mainstream media will make it seem acceptable to the hypnotized American.

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Large chunk of Antarctic ice shelf collapses

What about the Piri Riis map that surfaced in the 16th century? It accurately shows Antarctica void of its ice. It is evidence that Antarctica has been clear of ice in human history but evidence that doesn't fit in with the current academic fads is ignored.

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Protests justified

The occupation of Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with our national defense. Our military is fighting and dying for the world's billionaires.

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Faith Forum: Is God silent and invisible?

Life is a "grand game of hide and seek?" What foolishness.

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Who is your favorite science fiction author?

Who was it that wrote the short story that was the basis for the movie "They Live!"?

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We must at least learn from Iraq mistake

The biggest lesson to be learned is that the mainstream media favors the neocon (PNAC and AIPAC) agenda. They lie and manipulate and most Americans are hypnotized by them. It's not simply a "liberal media." They love war and greed as much as any "conservative" Republican.

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