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'Let Obamacare fail,' Trump says after GOP plan collapses

Bob, do I know you personally? How am I doing anything to you that destroys society? Avoid blanket statements. I hope you are kidding about a liberal gene. I am a 50-year-old lady that likes cats and dogs, I do not act or look scary.

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Hobbs Park mural altered with anti-Trump message

What the heck is going on with people? Art was destroyed. You can call me a liberal and I guess that is true.
However, I am upset that some idiot vandalized a beloved mural in my neighborhood. It does not have to cause hatred and blaming. The person(s) who did this should be caught, fined and made to pick up the trash in all of East Lawrence to make this right.

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18-year-old dead after reportedly pointing handgun at Kansas deputy

It looks like another point of why gun reform is needed. You can't screen out all drunk idiots.

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Man arrested after frightening a Lawrence city bus driver, police say

What gives LJW? leaving news out that is important is not fair and balanced.
On August 1,2016 at around 9am between 9th and 10th street on New Hampshire I was stabbed/punched multiple times. It did not make the police blotter in the LJWorld. I had a 10-month-old puppy and I was lease training my dog. I was returning to home with with bagels.I said hello to the man that had many bags. He appeared agitated at my dog, even though I nor or my dog did not touch his person or his property. The dog got scared and shot out off of his leash.When the man was agitated. I was running after my dog, as the man ran after and beat me repeatedly with an object that was sharp and left ugly and painful wounds. Many people on the street and brave workers helped to sooth me and keep me from being possibly attacked again. I may be left with scars on my body, but now I am afraid to leave my house, have panic attacks when I see a man that looks similar. I am disabled and my victimization
was not helpful.

What gives LJW? .

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Parents, infant among 4 killed in head-on collision near Perry

I feel sad that injury and death spurred a political argument instead of compassion for those affected. It may not be helpful, but my I send caring and hopeful thoughts to the families and people that are grieving and suffering along with other Lawrencians that feel the same.

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Editorial: Sidewalk options

There are some terrible sidewalks on and around the "Warehouse District", I would not turn anyone in because some of the people with the sidewalks that need repair are elderly and/or disabled. The neighbourhood has not voiced a problem. However, I worry that in order to make our side of town an entertainment district that poor people will be strapped with paying for a sidewalk. which is not fair.

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Letter to the editor: Rude revolution?

I was there in the line, and sat outside for many hours. I took a Hillary sticker to be nice. I was inspired by the amount of people registering. Everyone I saw was kind to to other opposing group. I am sorry we have nasty people around. We were a younger group in general, which could confound why people were rude because the group had younger people in it. However, there were many wonderful young people there. It seems people have less manners than they use to. Please don't overgeneralize a group by several rude idiots. (i.e, just because I had two men with red hair not yield for me at a crosswalk, does not mean that all red-haired men are rude). I thought that the set-up was not conducive for some older voters that may have problems getting around.I hope this is considered next time.

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Should Kansas replace its manned turnpike gates with an automated system?

Last time it became more automated, good people I saw almost everyday lost jobs. When something goes wrong or someone is not from here or a customer needs help, you just can't beat a a human. For example, If something if your dollars are not working in a machine and you have no other money to pay, it can cause havoc. Or if a person trying to use the system has a movement disorder and they can't get the money into the slots because there hands shake, the automatic system is disabled unfriendly. I. dislike everything becoming automated, I particularly hate phone menus. If someone needs extra assistance automated services can not give help.

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Audit finds lack of controls by Just Food board played role in alleged fraud by Jeremy Farmer

It is sad that an alleged criminal took from people that are food insecure. The needy using this organization had to show ID and proof of residency. It looks like they were policing the wrong group of people. People make mistakes, but this one seems to be an "again and again mistake", The biggest thing stolen was the trust of the community and the community members that needed food. I remember giving money as a gift when they were in a crunch, I hope that this man did not have the funds in his bank account when Just Food was in danger of closing. It is important for us to remember that most charities are in the business of helping and that many kind people helped with donations and manpower.

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Just Food board alleges Farmer overpaid himself by more than $52,000; criminal charges being pursued

Just Food was a great benefit for the needy that had food insecurity and just had hungry families. There are just not a lot of places with the room Just Food has. When a leader runs a non-profit agency, there is not an expectation of getting rich. The "richness" one receives is from helping others. Once in a while we get a greedy person. I am just giving food now. I went to write a check when they were in trouble and almost closing. I did not have very much money, but helped where I could. It angers me that that the small amount of money I ws able to give may of went in his pocketbook, instead of feeding needy people.

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