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Settlement agreement details efforts of Lawrence schools to keep racism investigation out of public eye; teacher denies wrongdoing

And that is exactly the problem today. You couldn't enlighten people without calling them ignorant. If people would learn to have educated conversations without being insulted and sensitive we all might learn something. I have friends, who are African american, and they have no trouble answering questions or statements in an educated way and I learn from it.

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High school game-day T-shirts cause stir

I moved here 8 years ago and always hear how Lawrence High is the better school; from adults as well as students. They even get precedence on 1320AM with broadcasts of games. Now that Free State is giving a little of it back people are offended.

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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

Um isn't there a Checkers in East Lawrence and isn't it a grocery store.

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Brownback administration cites more savings from KanCare, wants to use funds for those with disabilities

Of course you're saving money. When you don't provide services or pay the providers y0u'll save all kinds of money.

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Lawrence residents receive tickets for not clearing sidewalks

The safe walkways program is very short of volunteers. Perhaps some of you that are always complaining can volunteer to help some seniors so they don't get tickets. Better yet, you can just laugh when they attempt to shovel their own walks and then fall and break a hip or have a heart attack.

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Some Lawrence sidewalks remain snowbound despite $20 fines

Perhaps some of you can you the energy you have complaining to help those who are unable to shovel and sign up for the Safe Winter walkways program through Douglas County Senior Center.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

My problem with Kansas is that you have to declare a party to vote in a Primary. That leaves an awful lot of voters off the table.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

That's right that 95 year old widow living on Social Security and Medicare needs to get off her butt.

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Heard on the Hill: Don't look for Chick-fil-A to leave Wescoe; KU responds to records request; CLAS hires new undergraduate services director

I agree - Discrimination would mean that they avoid serving a specific population like gays, african americans, etc. They have never refused to serve anyone or asked about your sexual preference. He was asked his opinion and provided it. There mission statement even says that the value the principles of the bible. They have had the same belief since they were founded.

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Ruling leaves Medicaid expansion decision to state

The money the Federal government is saving by investigating and stopping the trillons of dollars that are wasted on Medicare fraud. Part of the Affordable care act is setting up a better system to deal with the Fraud issue and has already been paid back millions of dollars.

The Affordable Care Act has also required wellness and preventative programs through Medicare saving millons of dollars. Now, those on Medicare don't have to wait until they are really sick to go the doctor.

Those who bilk the system have their cable, their internet and cell phones but the client I work with do not. These are the Senior Citizens who have paid into the system and deserve some help. I have helped them get cells phones so they have some way of communicating and helped them pay their electric bills. I have clients who won't turn on their air conditioning in the 100 degree heat because it costs too much and they have to bu their medicine. They are the ones who will benefit from increasing the poverty level. I am sick and tired of people using the abusers of the system as examples of how everyone is. Let's focus on punishing them with frauding the government like we do the big spenders.

I, for one, am tired of using my tax dollars to pay for the use of the emergency room because someone doesn't have insurance to go to the doctor. The Affordable Health CAre Act is a good plan if anyone actually reads it instead of listening to the hype. Our Governor would be happy corralling all the poor and sticking them on an island to fend for themselves.

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