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At Pinckney Elementary, kids share where 'I am From' in school-wide poetry project

"I Am From" by Pinckney students is so beautiful. This makes me proud of Lawrence, KS!

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LMH shares plans for mental health crisis stabilization center with Douglas County Commission

I would appreciate a follow up article telling us more about what services will be provided, by staff with what kinds of training. I'm interested in how this LMH area expands upon the crisis stabilization rooms and services that have been at LMH Emergency Department for years. Thanks.

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Local students to protest against transgender bathroom bill on Sunday

Data for the graphic below is from Rylan Testa, PhD currently of Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Local students to protest against transgender bathroom bill on Sunday

I applaud those youth for making a public statement about the need to assure all youth that they are valued, and of course entitled to use the restroom of their identity. As noted by Viveca Price, trans (and gender nonconforming) people have higher rates of suicide attempts.

As death certificates do not yet list gender identity, precise data on the suicide deaths of trans and gender nonconforming people is not available. Please be aware that as the graphic explains, the factors that influence the frequency of suicide attempts are NOT factors about the individuals, but factors about how they are treated.

The newly created Strategic Plan for the City of Lawrence, KS <> identifies seven Critical Success Factors, including "Safe, Healthy and Welcoming Neighborhoods." Treating all residents with respect and courtesy is clearly an essential component.

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Man sentenced to 20 years in mental health facility killing

I ask for compassion for both families, including Brandon, please. Earlier in 2016, I met Brandon's father at meetings we both attended. From our conversations, I know that these two families' stories are the stories of horrible outcomes when a person who has mental illness does not get the right help. I also ask you to keep in mind that people with mental illness are much more likely to be the victims of violence, than to be the perpetrators.

If your reaction is fear and anger toward people with mental illness, I urge you to contact the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center about their Mental Health First Aid classes, where you can learn more about people with mental illness, and how you can be helpful to those in your own life. Because we all know people with mental illness. Mental illness is that common.

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Lawrence Police Chief Tarik Khatib to retire this summer

LPD Chief Tarik Khatib brought Bert Nash's Mental Health First Aid training to the officers, and brought the Crisis Intervention Team approach to policing here. I recognize these as two very big steps, and as I am a social worker specializing in suicide prevention and bereavement support, I especially appreciate these efforts. I always experience Chief Khatib as kind, caring, open to listening; traits that are not always the first that come to mind when reflecting on people in positions of authority. Thank you, Chief. And best wishes in your life chapters that begin Summer 2017.

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Lawrence artist's business grows out of campaign to cheer up hospitalized friend

I would love these card sets even if Stacey were not a dear friend. I recently bought one set for a birthday present for family member who works with cancer patients at Truman Medical Center. And a second set was the prize last Saturday in a random drawing at international Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. In both cases the cards will have a ripple effect as the recipient is dedicated to sharing these great messages with others. The cards inspire smiles & acts of good to self and others. They are a great way of spreading love and hope. And there is always room for more of both. Thank you, Stacey Lamb!

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Folk icon Judy Collins on work ethic, mental health and what keeps her optimistic

I first "met" Judy Collins through her music. I met her in a different way when she was a keynote speaker in the 1990's at an annual "Healing After Suicide" conference which is part of the annual conference of the American Association of Suicidology.

I am so pleased that LJW reporter Joanna Hlavacek invited Judy Collins to speak about her personal experiences with depression, substance abuse and suicide. And so pleased that Judy Collins spoke eloquently about these, including her statement, "I think talking about issues in mental health is vital to the solutions..."

Joanna and Judy, thank you so much for your public conversation about life challenges. I know that Words Save Lives, that hearing someone's story of moving through darkness to better days builds hope and safety for others. Thank you both!

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Parking proposition prompts blowback from Oread landlords

I love living in the Oread neighborhood, and want all our residents to enjoy living here. So, as for this proposal to prohibit "stacked parking" where the only access is an alley, please consider the perspective traffic and pedestrian safety.

If that doesn't say enough, then I encourage people to carefully walk and drive (slowly, please) our Oread Neighborhood alleys.

There is little space. Safely entering and exiting parking spaces off the alley is complicated by: cars driving at different speeds through the alley, cars entering the alley from either end, pedestrians (some with their pets) walking to and from various destinations, residents walking to and from dumpster and recycling containers, vegetation (especially near the ends of alleys) that limits visibility, narrow streets at the end of our alleys,...

PS This parking guideline is only one very small part of the proposed Oread Design Guidelines. And that meeting was only one in a very long series with many opportunities for public discussion about every aspect of those guidelines. For more info see

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Black Lives Matter Candlelight Vigil

Lovely photos. Thanks. Where can we find the related story?

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