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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

I'll speak up. I believe that North Lawrence and the east part of town would benefit from a reasonably-priced grocery or two. However, there must be adequate off-street parking. Reserving on-street parking at 11th and Mass for a grocery in a building at that corner would create problems for patrons of other businesses.

And the idea of a new 7-story building at the same intersection with the Douglas County Courthouse, the Watkins Community Museum, and the multi-business antique building on the southwest corner horrifies me.

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Robin Williams dead at 63

The death of Robin Williams at age 63 is sad news, no matter what the cause of death. Because the media conversation emphasizes his experience with depression, and the likelihood he died by suicide, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to talk openly about suicide prevention and suicide bereavement. Talking is the first step in preventing suicide.

No person is destined to die by suicide. Having depression, any other mental health challenge, or having thoughts of suicide is reason to use skilled, compassionate care. Yes, for many reasons, finding that help is not always easy. But every person deserves high quality help.

People who have lost loved ones to suicide might benefit from bereavement groups specific to suicide loss. Those groups exist in many parts of our country, including here in Lawrence, with info through in the "Coping With Suicide" area.

If you or someone you care about has thoughts of suicide, from any part of the USA, immediate help is available free, 24/7 through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The main phone number is 800.273.8255, and can even include language interpreters when needed. Their website also provides access through TDD, text, and chat.

Please remember to be compassionate to yourself and to others. You may not always know how big a difference you make, but sharing kindness and hope saves lives.

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Members' dedication helps Dads of Douglas County survive loss of funding

So... how can people contribute to support this valuable program?

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Letter: Social justice

Thank you Margaret, for voicing what is in many people's minds and hearts. Loring calmly sets an example for each of us to strive for.

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Editorial: Community leader

Thank you Loring, for all the goodness you spread, and the ripples that continue.
And thank you LJW, for acknowledging this.

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Longtime homeless shelter director to retire

To borrow words from an Olympics sportscaster, Loring Henderson is "a machine gun of awesomeness."

As Marilyn states, Loring embodies dedication and grace, and I add, compassion. I've had the privilege of being in the company of many wonderful people, and Loring is at the top of the compassion scale.

Loring, thank you for caring so deeply, and helping so generously.

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Eagle Rock Church to put on anti-suicide play

Thank you, Eagle Rock Church! You may never know who you touch through this article, your Facebook event, people involved with the play, the audience. But know that what you are doing makes a difference. You may even save a life. Thank you!

More info on their Facebook:
Eli's Amazing Workshop

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Editorial: Lasting impact

For information about Headquarters, Inc. activities January - November, 2013 please see:
Thank you.

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Longtime leader of Headquarters departs; organization cuts hours of suicide prevention line

For additional information about Headquarters, Inc. from January - November 2013, please see
Thank you.

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Physician at KU's Watkins Memorial Health Center identified as pedestrian struck by train

Very sad news that affects so many. The death of Patricia Denning who served as a physician at KU's Watkins Health Center & volunteered in our community.

And the train crew is also changed forever.

Although it's natural to wonder why... what is helpful is to feel the sadness of loss, to honor the memory of the person's life, and to state to closest friends & family of the deceased, "I am so sorry for your loss."

And to the train crew, as well as first responders and media reps, "I am so sorry."

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