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'People's State of the Union' to take place Sunday at library

This is an opportunity to share a story that will become part of a bigger story about what We, The People need community leaders, the Governor, the President to hear: about important issues and experiences. I'm really looking forward to being part of this & what comes next.

For more info, head to this event on Facebook. You don't have to be a regular Facebook user!
USDAC #PSOTU2016 ~ Lawrence, KS

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Lawrence artist looks to shed light on lesser-known pieces of Kansas history

Dave Loewenstein is internationally known for his community murals. We are very fortunate that he calls Lawrence, KS home. A history of the diverse people of the 105 counties that are known as Kansas is a huge project, but Dave is the person with the heart and skill to bring diverse people together to make this happen. Those who missed this first Lawrence meeting are encouraged to get involved by sharing ideas, and offers to help, with Dave through mail or email. Please do. The results of this project will make Kansans proud!

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Arrest Affidavit: Super 8 owner allegedly stabbed wife because she was 'fat'

That headline is a missed opportunity to educate people that violence is not caused by the victim. A perpetrator's, or alleged perpetrator's, explanation does not identify the cause of the violence.

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Two-spirit couple wed 'white man way' in Lawrence

Darla & Mattisa Harrison, thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you experience much support. I'm sure that you are building hope in others that they too, can be true to themselves.

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Music camp teaching girls how to rock in more ways than one

I believe there is no health without mental health, and no mental health without art. And I'm happily volunteering my social work skills for Girls Rock! Lawrence camp.

Girls Rock! Lawrence camp provides the opportunity for female and trans youth to learn and grow in so many ways, including: confidence, cooperating with others, communication, challenging stereotypes, and working together to create music. I am certain that this year's campers will look back at the week as a major influence in their lives. The campers, the adults in their lives, the volunteers, the donors, the musicians performing for camp and in benefit shows, and the organizers are all to be commended for making this happen.

Get out and enjoy the Girls Rock! Lawrence Showcase at The Bottleneck on Saturday, June 6, And later this summer, Girls Rock! Lawrence CD Release Party. You will be moved emotionally and to the dance floor, by these youth who are so passionate about their music.

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Eudora man ordered to stand trial on premeditated first-degree murder charge in death of disabled man

I do not claim to know any facts about this death. And i realize that Kansas laws are what apply.

But I know that answering the question of whether people with terminal, painful health conditions should have the right to choose death, and to have the assistance needed, is very complex. I am someone who has worked in suicide prevention for decades.

From Sunday the 17th, New York Times Magazine:
"When Sandy Bem found out she had Alzheimer’s, she resolved that before the disease stole her mind, she would kill herself. The question was, when?"

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Lawrence, other cities, deal with many issues related to low voter turnout for local races

When I voted at our polling place (the Carnegie Library at 9th & Vermont) I noticed, on the machine that accepts the completed ballots, that I was voter 96. I asked the poll workers how many people are registered to vote at that site. Approximately 2,000 was their answer. However, I was told that number includes people who no longer live at the address listed on their voter registration. For example a couple who formerly lived next door to my family and me could still be listed, even though that couple moved out of state approximately 10 years ago. So, the percentage of registered voters may not be very meaningful.

I want people to know that registering to vote, being informed about each election's decisions, and voting in each election are all important rights and responsibilities. I also want a better system of maintaining voter registration rolls, so the reported percentages of who voted are more meaningful. And then we could see what efforts are effective in increasing those percentages, and do more of what works.

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Downtown Lawrence grocery store in the works for 11th and Massachusetts

I'll speak up. I believe that North Lawrence and the east part of town would benefit from a reasonably-priced grocery or two. However, there must be adequate off-street parking. Reserving on-street parking at 11th and Mass for a grocery in a building at that corner would create problems for patrons of other businesses.

And the idea of a new 7-story building at the same intersection with the Douglas County Courthouse, the Watkins Community Museum, and the multi-business antique building on the southwest corner horrifies me.

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Robin Williams dead at 63

The death of Robin Williams at age 63 is sad news, no matter what the cause of death. Because the media conversation emphasizes his experience with depression, and the likelihood he died by suicide, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to talk openly about suicide prevention and suicide bereavement. Talking is the first step in preventing suicide.

No person is destined to die by suicide. Having depression, any other mental health challenge, or having thoughts of suicide is reason to use skilled, compassionate care. Yes, for many reasons, finding that help is not always easy. But every person deserves high quality help.

People who have lost loved ones to suicide might benefit from bereavement groups specific to suicide loss. Those groups exist in many parts of our country, including here in Lawrence, with info through in the "Coping With Suicide" area.

If you or someone you care about has thoughts of suicide, from any part of the USA, immediate help is available free, 24/7 through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The main phone number is 800.273.8255, and can even include language interpreters when needed. Their website also provides access through TDD, text, and chat.

Please remember to be compassionate to yourself and to others. You may not always know how big a difference you make, but sharing kindness and hope saves lives.

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