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Free State High School student told Confederate flag not allowed at school

I don't agree with the confederate flag or what it stands for, nor would I ever display it. But I believe that this action is a clear violation of this student's first amendment right to free speech. Banning the display of the flag from official government buildings, in an official capacity, is very different than banning a student from wearing or displaying one, and this student should sue immediately.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

Not necessarily. KC and Lawrence are vastly different places with different markets. What works in one neighborhood won't necessarily work in another.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

True, a lot of people do live downtown these days, but grocery shoppers are very price conscious and tend to shop at many different stores to find bargains no matter where they live. This location may draw shoppers in the short-term, but over time the higher prices will become a turn-off.

This is a great location for a business with relatively non- price-sensitive consumers, such as an Apple / iphone store or something, but not a grocery store. Grocery stores have to do volume in order to remain in business, and this location is simply not big enough for that.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

I should add: If, by some chance, a grocery store DOES occupy the former Borders location, it will not be there for very long. Checkers may decide they want to take a chance on that location, but they will learn over time that it will take much longer for that store to become profitable than the standard 2-3 years. It will not work.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

This is not going to happen. In order for this grocery store to be profitable, it is going to have to either do volume or have higer prices due to the relatively small square footage. It will not do volume because of the location, and nearby residents will not pay near-convenience store, downtown prices just to shop there. Pass.

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Bomb squad removes object from Lawrence woman's deck

I had to look twice at that byline, lol

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The Defense (National Security) Windfall

Cut defense spending. Since troops tend to be conservative, pick-themselves-up-by-the-bootstraps type folks, they won't mind if they get flung into the free market capitalist system. After all, they swore to defend that system, didn't they?

Cut defense spending, the troops will be fine.

I know, I used to be one.

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Tonight's meeting on SRS office closure likely to touch on many issues

Wingnuts think they can win the game of political "ethnic cleansing" by using public money as a weapon--they withhold or cut from areas that are known to be politically liberal or progressive while increasing spending in areas known to be politically conservative.

For example: they will vote to cut social services and collective bargaining rights (affecting folks who tend to be liberal) while at the same time vote to drastically increase pay and benefits for military personnel (who tend to be conservative and who have seen their pay rise 42% over the last six years).

Like another contributor said: cold calculation.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of righteous indignation for these comments. I really don't care, though. I don't have anything against military folks (I happen to be a veteran myself--just one that is more likely to read Noam Chomsky than to go around thumping my chest about serving "god" and/or "country.")

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The Toy Store holds Lego building competition

"The Toy Store Holds Lego Building Competition."

Then, two years later, The Toy Store closed.

And no one cared.

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