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Return to form: Sara Paretsky brings back famed female detective in latest novel

she is such a very nice lady. she did a book signing at the store i worked at once. i have been meaning to read her book for some time now, but haven't had much free time :[

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The one millionth comment countdown: So you want to know about prizes?

this is such a neat idea

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What was your most unique pet?

how exactly does one manage a golf club? unless someone is swinging it, don't they pretty much just sit there? wah-wah-wah!!!!

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County accused of rights violation

I realize I shouldn't find it funny ('cos in all honesty, this guy seems like he needs some mental help) but it made me laugh so hard! I love the "menacing looks" that are given. My favorite, however, is "an appraiser scowled and stared at him" -- you can't make this stuff up!

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Do you think children who are bullied should seek outside intervention or stand up for themselves?

gccs14r (Anonymous) says:I was on the receiving end. I was always the new kid and always a lot smaller than everyone else. The teachers and administrators didn't care how many times I got pounded, but if I did anything in return, I got the paddle. Some system. I'm one who considered using a gun to solve the problem permanently, but knew it wasn't worth a prison term.Bullying creates time bombs. If you're the parent of a bully, shame on you for perpetuating a culture of violence.thank you very much for posting this. while reading these responses, i just kept thinking "those kids at columbine were 'standing up for themselves' too." i'm sorry, but that's crappy advice to give to your kid. aren't you, as the parent, supposed to help protect your kid? violence begets violence.

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YMCA may open branch in city

vavs0929 (Anonymous) says:Yes please: it will be nice to have someone to go workout that ISNT Lawrence Athletic sentiments exactly.

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Sports facility upgrades expanded

'just_another_bozo_on_this_bus (Anonymous) says:In the meantime, buildings throughout the rest of campus will continue to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance funding.'i couldn't have said it better myself.

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Parade route growing to accommodate crowd

whenever i hear the name doug compton, it sends shivers down my spine. and i hear, if you say that name three times in front of a bathroom mirror, he'll come through, burn down your property, force it to be sold to him and then rent it at ridiculously over-inflated prices! but that's just an urban legend.=P

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Do you think Lawrencians should boycott KU football games played in Kansas City?

boycott ALL of KU athletics. especially after that crap of ripping out parking lots for a second sports complex for the athletes.

ku- screw the students! we've got athletes to pander to!

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Should the penalty for vandalism be more severe if it is done to a church?

oh dani, i'm so sorry! i was reading-
spywell (Anonymous) says:

oy, my face is RED! i beg your forgiveness!

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