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Kansas ranks last in improving numbers of children with health insurance, study says

To answer your question, Mr. Johnson, it has been the state's responsibility since Medicare and Medicaid were created several decades ago, and if we did NOT ensure our children had access to healthcare, we would be the ONLY country in the developed world NOT to do so.

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Adopting support: Couple pushing through international system for Ethiopian orphan

Thank you all for the kind wishes, they really help us through this long process.

The criticisms are legit, even though they could have been delivered with a little more tact. We first looked into adopting an American baby. Unless we want an older child, or a disable child, then in many cases we had to prove we were infertile. Since this will be our first child and we're still relatively young, we wanted a healthy baby. Next time around, God willing, we will definitely do our best to adopt an American baby.

I'm just happy, and happily surprised, that there haven't been any racist comments yet. Thanks everyone!

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KU plans to be first public university library to allow free online access to researchers' work

Kudos to KU, this is a great thing for folks without the ability to pay for a subscription to these VERY expensive journals.

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Do you support the death penalty?

What I REALLY like is that the Pro-Life voters overwhelmingly support the death penalty. Pro-Life = more death.

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Does Kansas need an equal rights amendment to its constitution?

You're exactly right, Fanghorn, speeding is the same type of infraction as unequal treatment at the hand of the law. Same as murder, too, right? Let's abolish that law. And pushing to put an extra sentence or two to cover up some loopholes in determination of equal treatment would go against Kansans' "social structure that is one of civil society's foundation stones”. Nice, I live in a state where equal protection in front of the law is ANTITHETIC to the state's social structure?!? OH MY GOD! This coming, I'm sure, from a man who enjoys to patriotically yell: "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE!!!!"...(as long as that freedom is enjoyed by groups who we deem acceptable).

I do appreciate the argument that farfle makes, asking why it is needed legally....not that equal rights are against the culture of Kansas. Thank you farfle for a coherent thought. (I guess it is hard to think straight with a shotgun in one hand and Nascar on television).

And at the risk of confronting someone who may actually be joking, please tell me, consumer1, that you don't think the discrimination that your (and my) Irish-American forefathers received, although very real and and very serious, was comparable to what African-Americans have faced for the past....well, since 150 years BEFORE Kansas was even a state. Only American Indians may have had it worse. If it were up to proud Kansas Fred Phelps, he would treat gay Americans like we treated Native Americans for so long.....pushing for their extinction by violence and starvation. The kind of amendment in question may help to close loopholes that keep people like him from spreading his hate and embarrassing ~2000 years of Christianity.

Yes, Fanghorn, what I've just written has been pounded into my head for so long I don't know how to think for myself. In fact, I will stop trying. I will try to talk more like a hick, watch more NASCAR, wear more camouflauge pants, gain about 50 pounds by eating nothing but meat and potatoes (vegetables are for liberal commies, right?)....then maybe, with a little luck, my application to put a Confederate flag bumper sticker on my car will be approved.

If I make these changes, do you think I could think for myself?

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Area residents seeking jobs with Wal-Mart

Conservatives consider it a "national security issue" that we depend on foreign countries for oil, which means we should increase drilling on our own soil. So, is it not a similar national security issue that we depend on other countries to make every single product we use in society today, from clothes to computers to furniture, and pretty soon our vehicles?

The ONLY reason we still grow our food here is because of government regulations that make it financially prohibitive to do it outside of our country (it is not because we are the best at it - which we are - see the computer industry, of which Americans are the pioneers). So if the big CEOs of the agribusiness industry can't grow our food in a 3rd world country to save money, they'll bring the 3rd world here to do it on our soil (see Mexican population of Liberal, Kansas). Don't be surprised to see Wal-Mart enter the agribusiness industry in the next decade, by the way. It is very important that we all pay the same price for a Big Mac as we did in 1988.

And is Wal-Mart even an American company? If I buy fish from Japan, and that is all I sell, am I running an "American" company?

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History museum confronts years of problems

Good comments, everyone. It is nice to see a civil discussion on here without the normal vitriol. I agree, the history of the county needs to be tied to the present, or else it doesn't mean anything to those who live here/are from here. And why are they so tied to an old bank building? The historical research and archival efforts should have some primacy over the old bank building. The preservation of history in Douglas County shouldn't be tied to the viability of a historic bank building - should be 2 separate issues.

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Theology on tap: Lawrence group gathers to discuss faith in casual atmosphere

..with conversations like that, you can count me in. Omegatron, please let me know if I am misrepresenting your thoughts: You don't want to attend a conversation about Christianity and the Bible because someone is asked to explain what they meant by "....the objective truth"? You don't want to talk about the Bible in the presence of agnostics or atheists? Yeah, I'm sure Jesus would really frown upon that sort of thing. I'm sorry if I come off like a jerk, but I'm sure many readers would be interested to see why you would want to pass on this type of conversation.

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County commissioners suggest housing buffer for western growth

I moved here from Phoenix just a few months ago, so I don't know the history of these particular planners. This particular issue seems like a decent compromise to me. Xbusguy, we are not in a depression because of government appropriates funds to build infrastructure, geez. Goverment is definitely at fault for some of the debacle we're in, but not via development funds. Less government = more Enron.Yes, I vote for less development. The more you weaken government here in local communities, the more you strengthen big, corporate, out-of-state developers.

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Volunteers to try to gauge homeless more thoroughly

Trinity - the people doing the counting and assessing would love to take each person and put them in safe shelters. I participated in the last 2 "homeless counts" in Phoenix, Arizona, and the reason why they don't actually help them on this day is simple. Local governments can apply for funds from other organizations, including the federal government. The information they collect during this count will allow funders to see how much money Douglas County will need in the upcoming year to combat homelessness and attempt to care for these people.But it was very hard to simply count these people, and then move on to the next person, without lending a hand in any way (we were allowed to give them blankets and water, that's it).

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