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Latest school funding changes to lower property tax in Lawrence

Somehow our teachers need better salaries that is the bottom line. Somehow we USD 497 stakeholders should push for the following two concepts ..... either/or.

An excellent public school system is economic growth material! New buildings are irrelevant!

Would you favor a sales tax increase to provide more money for Lawrence teacher salaries?

Teacher Salary Support

Of 5,198 voting 80% said yes. Remarkable ( of course we know this won't fly UNLESS the state legislature says yes)

BUT instead of shooting for a tax increase I say city government help out the school district.
1. Lend 5% of the existing 1995 city sales tax money to the school district to keep existing schools open AND give starting teachers a raise teachers @ $50,000 a year. It is worth a shot but will not come easy. “Let the voter decide”

2, The sales tax of .5% .

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Kansas Supreme Court accepts latest school funding changes; up next, the adequacy question


Every GOP candidate wants to kill Social Security and Medicare.

Every RINO GOP candidate wants to kill public education.

Every GOP candidate is offering up more tax cuts for the wealthy which includes themselves.

Every GOP candidate still offered nothing up for new jobs,new industry or a new economy for the state of Kansas.

Every GOP candidate is going to kill ObamaCare and Medicaid.

Re-Electing RINOs Fixes Nothing !

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Kansas Supreme Court accepts latest school funding changes; up next, the adequacy question

Brownback is a master of deception and legislative sheep that follow him blindly will be back to shut down public education. .... make no mistake about it.

What they have done is moved the issue to a back burner for the moment so that RINO incumbents that which are against public education can say WE FIXED IT on the campaign trails.

Don't get duped again! Stop Voting Republican.

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Kansas Supreme Court accepts latest school funding changes; up next, the adequacy question

kPERS is protected only by the state constitution which means not one damn thing to the RINO's running state government.

I predict KPERS will go up in smoke as a result of Grand Theft pulled off by the Kansas Government.

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Kansas Supreme Court accepts latest school funding changes; up next, the adequacy question

Court Has Other Option

It's time to bring legislators before the court and charge them with Contempt of Court !

Holding back on what should have been resolved more than two years ago is not fair to we taxpayers or the school districts. More stonewalling is immediately on the horizon.

The legislature has been negligent for about 6 years.

Never Vote Republican Again!

Charge The GOP With Contempt of Court and Negligence.

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Letter to the editor: A safer country

Mary Ann Kieffer your point is well taken. I doubt seriously if Law Enforcement feels safer knowing more guns are on the street.

This thinking must include a worldly view into stop making some people very angry and eliminate this policy across the board:

Meet PNAC:

"Rebuilding America's Defences," openly advocates for total global military domination” (Very dangerous position which threatens OUR freedoms and the nations security)

• WHY do we need to increase defense spending significantly to carry out our global protection for Wal-Mart,Oil,Coca Cola,Pepsico,diamonds,gold etc etc etc

• WHY do we need to strengthen our ties to dictator regimes friendly to American interests and Bogus values;

• WHY do we need to promote the cause of the political right wing and economic rape for corp USA abroad;

• WHY do we need to accept responsibility for America's unique role in forcing others to accept our corrupt multi national corporation principles.

Such a war mongering policy of military strength and immoral clarity may not be fashionable today. But it is necessary if the United States is to build on the extortions of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness no matter how many innocent USA soldiers and innocent mothers,children and fathers abroad die.

The Plan

The Plan

Strategic Errors of Monumental Proportions:

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Full-fat dairy makes a comeback among the health conscious

Our younger folks can certainly take on some whole milk products and such but the rest of us need to keep in mind what Armen brought forward --- that word moderation.

Yogurt is produced using a culture of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus bacteria which is very good for the stomach and digestion.

And let's not forget plenty of exercise and water.

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Letter to the editor: Food safety

A couple other delicious suggestions for the day could be Central Soy Hot Fiesta Tofu stir fry again with Organic Girl spinach greens perhaps a few carrots served up on its' own or over rice.

Or Central Soy Hot Fiesta Tofu mixed with black beans,Organic Girl mixed greens, Jan's Local Salsa with cheese or not cheese in a Taco Shell or Tortilla.

Tempeh reuben sandwich recipe is also a tasty delight to consider:

Have fun all day long....

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Letter to the editor: Food safety

It will be so warm why not serve smoothies all day that might contain rice milk,Organic Girl Super Spinach Greens(spinach,chard,kale),strawberries,blueberries, banana, a touch of peanut butter,a touch of maple syrup with an option of granola. Personally I add some Green Vibrance which brings probiotics into the mix. YUMO.

Serve up sweet and cold all day long. If one is lucky enough to own an insulated Kleen Kanteen take a smoothie wherever you go.

Enjoy the day.

The letter offered some alternative thinking that could prove enjoyable...... yes indeed.

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Starting school after 9 a.m.: Board likes idea for high school students, but cost, other concerns loom

Just think if the T would take over the school bus system we taxpayers could keep most of our tax dollars in the community.

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