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Letter to the editor: ‘We like him’

HILLARY PICKS HER MAN Clinton announces conservative Democrat Tim Kaine as her Vice-Presidential running mate Democratic candidate announced the Spanish-speaking anti-abortion Virginia senator as her number two

Democratic insiders have been tipping Mr Kaine as Clinton’s VP nomination for weeks, citing his record in winning conservative swing-state Virginia as a big asset to the front runner’s campaign for the White House.

A ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat his support for traditionally right wing issues such as free trade, deregulating local banks, and his opposition to abortion make him unpopular with the Democratic party’s increasingly left leaning base.

Obviously the special interest insiders such as the DNC and ALEC RINO's want either Hillary or Trump which is why the nation should give them Jill Stein !!!

And fill the house and senate with more like Jill Stein as well as the Progressive Democrats of America and a few old school moderate republicans.

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Editorial: Arts funding

This is how Brownback is paying for his premeditated killing of the economy. Cuts taxes for the few then borrows from Peter to pay Paul endlessly.

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Bicycles to be added to Lawrence school district's PE program

What a great plan......

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Are taxes too high here? A look at some numbers and how Lawrence stacks up to other cities

Are taxes too high? That could depend on how the tax dollars are spent. Spending tax dollars to maintain a reckless growth pattern is not smart management. Reckless growth policies demand too much from taxpayers for infrastructure and such.

The 9th street project for example is reckless spending because that same amount of money could improve/rehab more sidewalks and streets in east Lawrence.

RockChalk Park was not smart spending because it encourages reckless growth thus higher taxes to maintain such a policy. And Rock Chalk Park did not have a majority of taxpayers behind the project.

How does the local government cover the loss of tax revenue regarding the many types of so called tax incentives which in reality are tax dollar subsidies? There must be billions in subsides which in fact if put to vote might not exist if taxpayers had their way.

Something tells me that officials believe taxpayers are too stupid to make fiscally smart decisions regarding how we taxpayers want our tax dollars spent.

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Are taxes too high here? A look at some numbers and how Lawrence stacks up to other cities

For more than 25 years the chamber controlled the governing bodies and all they did was create a larger bedroom community which typically does not pay back. This is eating away at taxpayers expendable cash aka draining our wallets.

Subsidies have been handed out with a great deal of irresponsibility and which has produced little impact on wage improvement SO WHY IS LAWRENCE STILL GOING DOWN THIS NON PRODUCTIVE ROAD?

Of course so long as conservative governments keep the economy in a dump too many people will remain unemployed thus no incentive for business people to increase wages.

The tighter the job market the better the wages = employers need to offer nicer pay packages to attract the best employees.

The more money people make the more comes back into the economy which in turn creates more job opportunities which again puts more money into the economy and even more jobs will be created so of course a $15 minimum wage will pay for itself.

Free Trade Agreements do not create more jobs in the USA so never support any politician who has history of supporting such garbage. We have decades of proof that Free Trade Agreements are worthless to the USA job market as USA jobs become the chief export.

When I know the City of Lawrence has downsized its' workforce then I see companies from surrounding communities doing the jobs Lawrence city workers at one time performed. This is draining OUR tax dollars from the local economy therefore we taxpayers CANNOT afford outsourcing. The Lawrence economy cannot be money ahead by having lost the jobs and lost the paychecks at the same time.

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Kansas told to repay $11.9 million to federal government; Brownback administration to appeal

Where is the $11.9 million?

Privatizing cost kansas too much money not only in lost jobs but also how these tax dollars get spent once in the hands of private industry. How do we taxpayers KNOW where are tax dollars
are being spent and how they are being spent.

Privare industry will NOT open their books to we taxpayers.

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Kansas told to repay $11.9 million to federal government; Brownback administration to appeal

Lower taxes for a few at the cost of higher taxes for the many is not workable!

Borrowing money from a variety of departments to cover the cost of corporate subsides and lower taxes for the few could be frauduelnt and be guilty of "cooking the books".

This type of mangemnet is setting Kansas up for bankruptcy directed by special interests which also may be against the law.

Why is it that an FBI invetigation and a Federal Grand Jury cannot be convened at the the request of the citizens?

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

None of of our house members can be trusted......none of them. Of course Jenkins will vote with the anti american party posing as republicans.

Vote all of them out of office in the name of democracy,jobs for America, Women's Rights and to protect our right to vote.

"First Amendment Defense Act," is a very deceptive title set up so those who are not paying attention will support the legislation. It is deceptive for another reason ..... hopefully so most will not give it the time of day.

These anti americans are very good at naming their legislation "something" that has nothing to do with the content.

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Letter to the editor: Casting blame

In addition the USA economy has been subjected to Bill Clinton's signed NAFTA, claiming it would create more and better jobs. He ended welfare as we knew it with "Welfare Reform"which has made life difficult for many. He escalated the big spending "War on Drugs" and built multiple new private prisons, creating the police state we have now thus the world's leading rate of incarceration Disproportionately Black.

Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, deregulating the banking industry, with disastrous results.

Trans-Pacific Partnership needs to go bye bye because Free Trade Agreements have elevated
USA jobs as our number one export so we taxpaying voters need NO MORE of this.

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Letter to the editor: Casting blame

Obviously voters have forgotten what destroyed the USA economy in the first place which began 36 years ago under Reagan/Bush and has never ceased to re-occur.

--- Conservatives Reagan/Bush Savings and Loan Heist

--- Conservatives Use "Rebuilding America's Defences," to openly advocate for total global USA military domination.

--- Conservatives Bush/Cheney Wall Street Home Loan Heist

--- What Did Conservatives Do With $700 billion of bank bail out money?

--- Why did Conservative GW Bush Lie About Social Security?( This would cost taxpayers $4 trillion,place taxpayers insurance money at risk and wreck the economy)


--- Still A Bad Idea –The Conservative ENTITLEMENT Package for the wealtiest 1% and is still producing a dysfunctional economy.


Can America afford this reckless Conservative Party of the last 36 years? NO!

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