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New fabric and craft retailer opens in south Lawrence; sales taxes continue to surge, while questions persist about SLT shopping center

City hall, elected officials and local profiteers are draining OUR pocketbooks and raising OUR taxes. We've subsidized local profiteers at such a basic level for so long, that many people believe Lawrence will die if we don't. This is false-what we think of as a level playing field is tilted steeply in favor of local profiteers driving development.

City hall, elected officials and local profiteers are draining OUR pocketbooks and raising OUR taxes.

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New fabric and craft retailer opens in south Lawrence; sales taxes continue to surge, while questions persist about SLT shopping center

Carol Bowen is absolutely correct in her assessment.

Sales tax collections may be up but the real question is how much is Lawrence,Kansas losing?

Let's not forget Lawrence,Kansas sales tax is high dollar so perhaps what we have is an
inflated viewpoint.

How much sense does it make for any retailer to locate in Lawrence knowing at some point the planning commission and the city commission are going to be responsible for putting new business out of business? How? The never ending flooding of the markets. This has never ceased even after city government was advised Lawrence was over retailed by at least 30% by a consultant that cost we taxpayers $250,000. Of course Lawrence city government simply said that cannot be true.

As I have stated more than once economic displacement cost taxpayers money which in fact is a back door tax increase. That is correct. An over retailed market is in fact a tax increase. When every business cannot maximize its' potential because politicians kill the opportunity through over extending the markets just to keep the real estate investors happy then taxpayers get screwed.

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Authorities begin arresting Dakota Access Pipeline protesters in North Dakota

Fracking is toxic and should be against the law!!!

How about those earthquakes created by fracking?

How about contamination of our water?

AS the expensive china shakes,rattles and rolls of the shelves not to mention damage to homes structure. Guess we send the bill for damages to the Koch brothers.

BTW protesting is patriotic!!!

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Letter to the editor: A hyped election

The entire Kansas delegation in Washington DC is tied to Brownback and Trump let's not kid our selves.

Never vote republican ever again which of course includes Lynn Jenkins .......

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Letter to the editor: Court smokescreen

This opens the doors even wider for Brownback and his band of GOP followers to legally set up the state of kansas for sale after successfully placing Kansas in bankruptcy.

Many government services including water supply can be be sold off to privatizing profiteers.

This issue has large impacts attached beware beware beware ..... public education among those at the top of the list.

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State law brings placement of campaign signs into question

Yes the haters of big government in Topeka interfere with local regulation through their big government powers....... isn't there something wrong with this picture?

Why vote republican ever again?

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Senate candidate has track record of opposing same-sex marriage, LGBT protections

This might be an interesting read considering we are entering the election process:

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Letter to the editor: Education or else

Also cutting tax dollars from budgets = strangling the budgets of higher education have a direct correlation to the college loan program. The college loan program has become a huge bonus to the lending industry that which lends more and more and more money to each student no matter what.

Politicians strangle higher education budgets = big banks and such continue strangling students with big debt as higher ed institutions continue to increase the cost of attending college or Vo Tech training etc etc etc.

Politicians continue to push Free Trade Agreements that which makes USA jobs a chief export. Then again so do some leveraged buyout scams.

--- "Mitt Romney Made Millions from the Rescue of Detroit" as 25,000 GM jobs went to China

Who wins?
NOT THE STUDENT with a ton of debt. Where oh where did the jobs go that were supposed to be there to pay back the loans? Is Silicon Valley still relocating to India?

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Letter to the editor: Education or else

Too many politicians are spouting misinformation regarding education to the point of declaring public education as evil. However they fail to admit that after many years of cutting education budgets we see no signs of that our system is improving. There must some correlation to be found in that cutting budgets and expecting miracles is not the answer.

I have noticed that some politicians go from the halls of congress to becoming presidents and such of higher education institutions. With a politicians inability to manage budgets why would a college bring someone on board with that background?

What I believe is the link I am about to provide can provide some food for thought that which can be applied to world of higher education.

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Letter to the editor: Shoddy sidewalks

There should be only one code for sidewalks and driveways. Damn good construction NOT junk construction. Then again that should also apply to new residential.

Meanwhile .....

There are some landlords that will not maintain residential living quarters much less the sidewalk. Some of these landlords are insiders. We as pedestrians do not need to walk through their slums but as pedestrians we must walk on the sidewalks.

I say let's use some existing tax dollars and dedicate a sum from that source to keep sidewalks in working order. I am suggesting dedication of 10% of the 1994-95 sales tax once and for all. This can be applied to maintenance and construction of shared use paths as well. This would help a great deal in the safe travel to school objective.

Lawrence MUST take care of existing resources. As a taxpayer I feel it is in the best interest of our fair city to maintain pedestrian travel. The cost of maintaining safe pedestrian/bikeways will never ever come close to what is spent maintaining fossil fuel travel. Let's just do it!

The fact is so many of us do make use of sidewalks not on our property so why not dedicate OUR tax dollars from an existing source?

Dedicating 10% of the 1994-95 sales tax leaves 90% to parks and rec which is not too shabby. This sales tax was never dedicated to any special endeavor. 10% of this money benefits taxpayers throughout Lawrence,Kansas. Worthwhile I say.

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