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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

It's the conservative back door trick to hopefully derail ......

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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

What Unions Have Done For Workers

Conservatives have sought to malign the union movement by claiming that it is simply defending the parochial interests of labor unions, who they claim are imposing huge costs on taxpayers with little benefit. Yet the truth is that America’s public and private unions have been one of the major forces in building a robust and vibrant middle class and have fought over the past century to improve the lives of all Americans in a variety of ways. ThinkProgress has assembled just Five of the many things that American workers can thank the nation’s unions for.

1. Unions Gave Us The Weekend: Even the ultra-conservative Mises Institute notes that the relatively labor-free 1870, the average workweek for most Americans was 61 hours — almost double what most Americans work now. Yet in the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century, labor unions engaged in massive strikes in order to demand shorter workweeks so that Americans could be home with their loved ones instead of constantly toiling for their employers with no leisure time.

2. Unions Gave Us Fair Wages And Relative Income Equality: As ThinkProgress reported earlier in the week, the relative decline of unions over the past 35 years has mirrored a decline in the middle class’s share of national income. It is also true that at the time when most Americans belonged to a union — a period of time between the 1940′s and 1950′s — income inequality in the U.S. was at its lowest point in the history of the country.

3. Unions Helped End Child Labor: The very first American Federation of Labor (AFL) national convention passed “a resolution calling on states to ban children under 14 from all gainful employment” in 1881, and soon after states across the country adopted similar recommendations, leading up to the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act which regulated child labor the federal level for the first time.

4. Unions Won Widespread Employer-Based Health Coverage: “The rise of unions in the 1930′s and 1940′s led to the first great expansion of health care” for all Americans, as labor unions banded workers together to negotiate for health coverage plans from employers. In 1942, “the US set up a National War Labor Board. It had the power to set a cap on all wage increases. But it let employers circumvent the cap by offering “fringe benefits” – notably, health insurance

5. Unions Spearheaded The Fight For The Family And Medical Leave Act: Labor unions like the AFL-CIO federation led the fight for this 1993 law, which “requires state agencies and private employers with more than 50 employees to provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected unpaid leave annually for workers to care for a newborn, newly adopted child, seriously ill family member or for the worker’s own illness.”

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House advances Medicaid expansion bill

Another fiscally responsible vote from the house ......

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Tax veto override vote falls short in Senate

End Special Interest Financing

STOP Citizens United

End Corporate Rule

Time and again, whether we are seeking sensible healthcare, environmental, economic, or foreign policy—supported by a majority of Americans—we hit a barrier, because corporate lobbyists and donors have managed to get between our legislators and us.

9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule

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Tax veto override vote falls short in Senate

"The votes came the day before Brownback is scheduled to speak in Washington, D.C., at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. Brownback is listed as a speaker in a panel discussion titled "The States vs, The State: How Governors are Reclaiming America's Promise."

This man seems to be doing the same thing he did as a Senator. Wandering about the country
making speeches aka gathering special interest campaign kick backs.

GOP austerity is a disaster of Greek proportions: Sam Brownback, Bobby Jindal & the economic scam of the century. America isn't Greece, but we can see in Kansas and Louisiana the disastrous consequences of Greek-style austerity

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Tax veto override vote falls short in Senate

This is a game Wagle has been playing for some time. Comes out initially supporting the smart thinking with a taste of populist then when the chips are down she votes like an ALEC puppet.....

Susan Wagle cannot be trusted. Kansas can live without Susan Wagle!

Myself like some others became immediately apprehensive when Wagle adopted the Brownback positions as to why Brownback's losing tax plan was not working.

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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

more good news from Topeka at least for the moment ........

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House overrides Brownback's veto of tax bill; Senate voting later today

What I have learned over the past 37 years is that I would not want a supply side thinker managing my business or my money. The Sam Brownback team once again reinforced my thinking.

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House overrides Brownback's veto of tax bill; Senate voting later today

Susan Wagle living in denial.....

We'll see how concerned Susan Wagle is ......

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Democrats move to put Medicaid expansion bill onto House floor

Bring those tax dollars home to Kansas taxpayers. WE need OUR MEDICAID DOLLARS in Kansas yesterday.


Repeal The Mandate!

I am fine with repealing the "mandate to purchase" or at least altering it to a choice without penalty.

There are some who would rather finance their own health care straight out of their pockets which would reduce the expense considerably for them as would Medicare Single Payer Insurance of which both options should be open to all.

I say repeal the mandate STAT.

Then provide 3 choices:

1. ObamaCare which retains the health insurance industry

2. Single Payer Medicare for ALL = excellent coverage

3. Self financed health care

So now conservatives get on with this without screwing up healthcare, without a bunch of BS and stop throwing republicans and democrats under the bus.

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