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Kansas Senate president: No rush to write new school funding formula

It certainly is hard to vote republican because the American Legislative Exchange Council and its few billionaire supporters have funded republicans out of existence. Republican legislators throughout the USA have become an endangered species.

The only logical approach is for voters to stop voting republican. Instead vote democrat even if they must hold their noses. The state of Kansas and the USA will be far more fiscally responsible
and the nation will be forever substantially more equitable and grateful.

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Kansas Senate president: No rush to write new school funding formula

Any change in public education funding should be approved by the voting taxpayers aka the largest group of public education stakeholders.

Our school funding dollars and the mechanism by which the money is raised should NEVER be left solely to a group of politicians. The tax dollars are OURS TO SPEND and the public schools are OURS TO OWN AND MAINTAIN.

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Kansas Senate president: No rush to write new school funding formula

Obstruction and stonewalling which is typical of those pretending to be republicans which is no doubt driven by the American Legislative Exchange Council Party which might be illegal.

There is quite a simple solution : use the formula that is in place and has been in place for many years. I don't understand how this government is allowed to proceed any other way.

We've already got a template (from the old formula).

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Opinion: Mexico wall an $8 billion hoax

GW Bush spent billions on wall projects including a few billion on a "virtual wall".

What was learned is that if people want to go under or over a wall it can be done.

What was learned is there are wealthy donating conservatives living along that wall route
that do not want any such nonsense anywhere near their property.

What was also learned was that the virtual wall had not been applied to such a use and would
not work.

Meanwhile the contractors laughed all the way to the bank with large bags of OUR tax dollars.

Reagan wanted one wall removed and now the same RINO party wants to waste billions building a new wall. These RINO's are a confused and reckless spending lot.

Remember Trump is not the only RINO still calling for a southern border wall.

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Newest plans filed for Alvamar redevelopment seek zoning for office uses, add underground parking; look at latest renderings for clubhouse, apartments, cabanas at Alvamar

This would require an inspector on duty 24/7 who would have the authority from the city commission to pull the building permit at a moments notice.

Sometimes it seems this building group moves forward before a project and/or building permit is approved.

City Hall may need a satellite codes enforcement office on site.

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law

Have no fear the Brownback admin has immediately gone into obstruction mode and will challenge the decision. RINO's have zero respect for the court of law UNLESS the decisions rendered come down in their favor.

In the meantime that state should fully meet their financial obligations immediately. If the Brownback admin refuse to do so contempt of court would be fair.

Should RINO's be exempt form obeying laws and regulations?

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Kansas Senate panel puts brakes on KU Central District project

The state threatening to default on pension payments could also hit the state bond rating ..... one more time.

Best find a way to avoid default ........

GW Bush talked about defaulting.... such a bad boy. He appeared to want the Treasury to “selectively default” on the bonds in the Social Security trust fund. He obviously felt the United States doesn’t have to meet its obligation to the working people of America the way it meets its obligations to ultra-wealthy bondholders. His suggestion that the U.S. government might not be willing to repay its debt obligations was remarkable and for a time completely disrupted global financial markets.

Hmmmmmmmmmm food for thought.

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Editorial: KCI future

How much more are consumers ready to pay for flying in and out of MC!?

Not that much business coming and going to warrant a billion dollar expenditure. Obviously not enough business to keep retail outlets within open.

Too many retail spaces and not enough business......

One of the most awesome attractions to MCI are the floors. Sometime drive out and read and/or interpret the floor.

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Holiday shopping numbers show Lawrence did better than most but still lagging expectations; heading off an American Eagle Outfitters rumor

The RINO's are in power which means wages will remain awful and unemployment numbers will likely increase. With RINO's in power USA homeowners can expect more of the same meaning homeowners will be owing more than market value will bring AGAIN. Jobs leaving the USA is still the largest USA export since America was born.

Retail cannot save the shameful low wage problem nor can the low wage rampage from the RINO's turn retail into some magic kingdom.

Compounding the economic challenge is The Wall Street bankers boom town economics building frenzy produced a bumper crop of new retail space. But the occupants haven't materialized. Where is the money?

The carnage in retail hasn't been this bad since an anarchist bombed Chicago's Haymarket Square in 1886. Even Starbucks has scaled back its yearlong saturation-bombing campaign.

But back out inflation and sales of gasoline, and retail sales fell in real terms. Clearly, demand is down. Where is the money?

And supply is up. This building frenzy produced a bumper crop of new retail space—from McStrip malls built near new McMansions, to hip new boutiques in the ground floors of hip new Miami condo buildings. But as is the case with those McMansions and condos, the occupants for new retail space haven't materialized.

National retail-vacancy rate is on the rise.

To make retail work a miracle the real unemployment rate should be at .5% with a real life wage at no less than $22.50 an hour per employee to help keep credit card debt reined in.

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Holiday shopping numbers show Lawrence did better than most but still lagging expectations; heading off an American Eagle Outfitters rumor

Don't expect City of Shawnee to see that inflated increase ever again. That could be an incorrect number.

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