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Your Turn: Jail expansion is the wrong strategy

"Douglas County does not need a $30 million jail expansion. We should instead be talking about ways we can divert low-level offenders away from the jail, reduce our incarceration budgets, and invest more in community programs that are in dire need."


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Lawsuit filed against city over denial of south Iowa Street shopping center

There should be in place a right to deny based on a retail market that is over extended. I do distinctly remember that a consultant group did suggest that the Lawrence retail market was
over built by 30%.

Of course some involved in real estate sales would never want to accept that. However it seems to me it would only be fair to any potential land buyer with retail in mind to be advised of such
before purchasing. Therefore should be further advised that there could be a waiting period perhaps years before the property could be developed for retail.

This KTEN project will not only pull consumers away from downtown but from all other retail units throughout the community. Does anyone know for sure that enough consumer traffic can be secured for KTEN to be successful? Hopefully all concerned are not relying on speculation.

Th first mistake was annexing the property before the local retail economy dictated that this market could in fact support such a venture without fail.

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Republicans block Kansas House debate on Medicaid expansion

Taxpayers paid for and pay annually for Medicaid now we have elected officials telling Kansas taxpayers we cannot have access to what we have paid for.

What's up with that?

I say it is likely connected to some privatized profiteering scam for there is no logic in denying taxpayers what WE have paid for.

The money is there let's bring it home and distribute the funds throughout the Kansas economy.

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Proposed legislation in wake of bond deal would seriously harm KU, university leaders tell lawmakers

Hillary is not in Topeka so the KCMO facility might be able to step up and watch KPERS.

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Proposed legislation in wake of bond deal would seriously harm KU, university leaders tell lawmakers

I'm sorry how is it I almost forgot the College Loan Program which after some changes during the Bush/Cheney years has become another ongoing sub prime lending program.

FRONTLINE provided some cold hard facts on this matter.

So as we see RINO unethical behavior if not criminal behavior has inundated the once respected GOP for many years. That is ashame.

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Proposed legislation in wake of bond deal would seriously harm KU, university leaders tell lawmakers

We know since the Reagan/Bush days RINO's seem to know a lot about fraudulent behavior which is perhaps a desired qualification for the RINO party which in and of itself is a blend of
extremist libertarians and extremist christian fundamentalists. The governor was in Washington DC during some of this activity however we're not sure what may been absorbed.

RINO history includes:

Iran -Contra Illegal Weapons Sales

Taking out the Savings and Loan Industry and with it retirement programs

--- Sub Prime Home Loans which were sold off to banks around the world. Some IRA's take hits as well. IRA'a are not necessarily secure.

--- The bailout of the home loan criminal activity which required trillions of tax dollars as the federal reserve saw fit to bail out the world banks that were victims of the Bush/Cheney scheme. Some colorful bailout details on this matter.

--- Some interesting reading about a current RINO presidential candidate

--- This news story truly covers an unbelievable approach to management of the USA economy.

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Proposed legislation in wake of bond deal would seriously harm KU, university leaders tell lawmakers

Bella Serra I believe is owned by the Koch brothers ........

Seems Leisa Julian, an experienced financial administrator who has spent her career working in the public sector, will join the University of Kansas as vice chancellor and chief financial officer Feb. 15 and Theresa Gordzica are both qualified individuals.

Perhaps both should take on some part time positions to keep an eye on the taxpayers money in Topeka.

The FBI perhaps should be assigned to protect KPERS as it looks to be in trouble in the coming months.

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Opinion: U.S. politics takes surreal turn

Bernie Sanders Is the Realist We Should Elect Won Tonight with 59% = CNN

Another source posted Bernie at 57.7%

Bernie Sanders is the candidate that will represent the largest number of voters which encompass moderate republicans,moderate democrats/progressive democrats and Green Party constituents.

The war needs to end,single payer insurance needs to be on board,Public Education needs new leadership and saved, the USA needs a peoples budget,women need a strong voice,student debt needs a lot of help and we need a powerful new clean energy policy that will also drive new jobs as will single payer insurance then protecting and expanding Social Security Insurance.

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