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Current zoning could add 6,000 more apartments to Lawrence

more apartments says the planning process is shot to hell.

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Trump names Kansas Gov. Brownback to Catholic advisory group

the majority of catholics support a woman's right to choose according to a radio interview not so long ago.

therefore Gov Brownback must be a christian fundamentalist a group very well known for waging war against women.

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Brownback: Budget proposals not considered open records

The taxpayers own the documents and the governor and the legislature.

I say we have been introduced to his interpretation which allows him time for stonewalling.

After all I'm sure he wants to keep the timetable for killing public education under HIS ALEC HAT.

How is it he gets to ignore and toss aside supreme court decisions? He can challenge the courts decision all he wants but he needs to cough up the money in the meantime.

It seems to me he owes taxpayers a detailed explanation as to how he spent public education tax dollars backed by a detailed audit since the day he took office.

Is the governor guilty of negligence and misappropriation of tax dollars?

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

36 years of voting qualified candidates into office has provided what?

--- War on public education

--- War against women

--- Conservatives Reagan/Bush Savings and Loan Heist

--- Clinton’s Conservative policies sent the economy seriously off course.

--- How the Koch brothers helped dismantle the Democratic Party

--- GW Bush Lies About Social Security to Americans( This would cost taxpayers $4 trillion,place taxpayers insurance money at risk and wreck the economy)

--- Conservatives Use "Rebuilding America's Defences," to openly advocate for total global USA military domination.

--- Conservatives Bush/Cheney Wall Street Home Loan Heist

--- What Did Conservatives Do With $700 billion of bank bail out money?

--- Still A Bad Idea –The Conservative ENTITLEMENT Package for the wealtiest 1% and is still producing a dysfunctional economy.


Can America afford this reckless Conservative Party of the last 36 years? NO!

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

Hillary’s Lies Vs Donald Simply astounding ....

So why some are demanding that the media call Trump out on his lies the moment he spits one out why in the hell are those same some not demanding the same of Hillary's lies?

Why in the hell are so damn many accepting Hillary's lies not as bad as Trump's lies? How can that be?

Why in the hell did so many go to the polls and vote these liars into the final stretch while at the same time applauding that all presidential candidates are not allowed into the debates?

Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

It does appear that the majority of voters are not anymore credible than the candidates the majority of voters put forward.

I am demanding that the private corporation that stole the debates from the League of Women Voters instantly invite all presidential candidates into the mix.

What if one of these 4 candidates is not lying what then?

Be Smart AND Fiscally Responsible VOTE JILL STEIN!

Hillary has sold out the 99% ...... as she takes zillions from the upper 1% which tells us plenty about Hillary Clinton!


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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

No one MUST vote for the lesser of the evils or any of the evils BUT if one feels they must vote for the lesser of the evils VOTE JILL STEIN. The Green Party has the absolute best platform for America and Jill Stein will definitely stand up for women no question about it.

People say Jill Stein is not qualified.

What has 36 years of voting in so called qualified choices done for America? Millions upon millions upon millions pf USA jobs gone abroad = dumb economics.

Bill Clinton deregulating the lending industry = more dumb economics.

What’s Deplorable? This is Deplorable.

"Bill Clinton signed off on NAFTA, claiming it would create more and better jobs. He ended welfare as we knew it with "Welfare Reform". He escalated the "War on Drugs" and built multiple new prisons, creating the police state we have now ... And the world's leading rate of incarceration ... Disproportionately Black. Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall, deregulating the banking industry, with disastrous results.

"During Bill's tenure, Hillary was his co-president. Having been fooled once, it's hard for some to believe what she's saying now. Will she improve the lot of the middle class by, for instance, declaring, once again, for the Trans-Pacific Partnership or will she be in favor of a heavy tax on outsourcing?

How much is Hillary spending to distract voters from her reckless behavior? I say a billion $$$$$. Good-bye 99% Hillary will not be working for the 99%

Will she help ordinary people by consolidating the "too big to fail" big banks even further? Will she provide second rate health care to all Americans by expanding the power of the insurance industry?

How the Koch brothers helped dismantle the Democratic Party

Sums it up to perfection ..... The Clinton philosophy is documented in the above which tells me Hillary Bush should not be elected president

OF COURSE I will vote third party..... absolutely. JILL STEIN

Voters GO VOTE – Good people CANNOT win if WE don't vote.

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Letter to the editor: School control

No one knows how much the Brownback administration will cost school districts. What is in the news today more than likely will be different tomorrow.

The Brownback administration intends to defund and dismantle our public education system whether we want to believe that or not. This plan has been in effect for a few years now. The Brownback administration was moved in to put the final nails in the coffin.

To sit back and pretend this is not the plan will cost the public school system dearly — most importantly our children.

The courts can hand down any verdict they want, but this Brownback administration simply does not give a hoot and will remain focused on the ultimate agenda.

The courts have yet to enforce their verdicts. However, if we want our public school system to remain intact, the issue will need to be put before the voters that WE owners of the public school system do not want a school system controlled by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The Kansas Republican Party has allowed the party to get duped big time. Perhaps the Brownback administration will teach Republicans they should vote for Republicans, not radical right-wing politicians.

The Brownback administration simply cannot be trusted to uphold a democracy. This group prefers a dictatorship.

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Editorial: School math

VOTERS should have learned a lesson which is the republican party is not the same and has not been for about 36 years.

It is the GOP led by libertarian right wing politicians that has effectively rendered Kansas bankrupt.

Next session just reinstating the Brownback tax cuts should not require a lot of thinking. It does however require a ton of backbone and truck loads of ethical stamina.

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Letter to the editor: School control

Private School Vouchers

Despite constitutional problems, negative impacts on public schools, bias against disadvantaged students, and comprehensive studies in cities like Washington DC, New York, Milwaukee, and Cleveland which demonstrate that private school voucher programs failed to make any improvements to the education system, ALEC sees vouchers as a way to radically privatize the public education system.

Under the guise of “school choice,” ALEC pushes bills with titles like “Parental Choice Scholarship Act” and the “Education Enterprise Act” that establish private school voucher programs.

--- Exposing the ALEC Agenda to DEFUND,DISABLE, DISMANTLE and DESTROY public education .

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Medicaid application backlog costs Kansas more than $2M

Why is it voters do not realize that the GOP party does not represent the USA nor senior citizens anywhere in America?

The USA and Kansas CANNOT afford the reckless behavior that the GOP represents.

They and their campaign contributors are stealing from the taxpayers in large quantities and destroying the practical and fiscally responsible public services that taxpayers have funded for many many decades.

What is on the profiteers chopping block ?

The ALEC GOP objectives at state and congressional levels are basically twins:

Killing public Education = handing over to private industry = huge profits

Killing Medicare Insurance = handing over to private industry = huge profits

Killing Medicaid Insurance = handing over to private industry = huge profits

Killing Social Security Insurance = handing over to private industry = huge profits

Voter ID aka Voter Suppression = stealing elections

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