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Chancellor cancels KU classes for Monday

Before you get your panties in a wad, perform the close reading you learned in college on the above title.

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Local rockers resurrect 'Superstar'


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Police arrest shooting suspect

"They call people uneducated...well I didn't finish my last 30hrs+semester of student teaching of school because I was making more money per year building houses than I EVER would have as a black teacher in Macon, GA. "

Pork n' Beans:
Here you go, genius. Either you were a teacher and have conveniently erased it from your small brain, or you seriously need to learn how to write--I interpret this as you working as a teacher, and then quitting.

Weren't you dropping some knowledge the other day about academics as failed businessmen? How about people going into business--and whoring in money / capitalism--because they could never stand a chance in academia?

By the way, you need to read up on your Marx. Your understanding of him is idiotic, miniscule at best.

Yes, I read--much, much more than you ever have or will. What's your point? Are you gonna recommend "The Pink Swastika"?

And by the way, you don't need to capitalize the "l" in liberals.

Think, Porkjob, think!

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Police arrest shooting suspect

Porky couldn't stand the heat as a teacher,and hence his hatred for all things academic. I see now, Porkchop; it's very Freudian of you.

What kind of critical thinking did you teach, Pork?

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KU employee struck by car on campus

Ban driving on campus, except for the parking lots. Everyone would get along just fine without driving through the university. There are many universities that do not allow thru-campus driving.

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Police arrest shooting suspect

How about if we profile you instead? Let's see, by your name, Porkribs, I'm assuming: fat, 40s, balding, white, pick-up truck, tank top, Jesus fish and a W. sticker, uneducated, trailer home?

Am I correct? Oh, I'm not? Well, why would you assume to make assumptions about somebody based on their name and age?

You, Sir, as always, consistently prove your idiocy. And the saddest (and most ironic) thing is that you're proud of it.

Way to go, trooper!

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KU's spring enrollment figures released

carlwhoishot must be one of those testerone-filled students shuffling along and flexing as he tries to look hot during spring semester! Touche, my boy!

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KU's spring enrollment figures released

Of course. Spring is the primetime for KU students to see and be seen with their pajamas, flip-flops, and phones in hand! Spring is the social-scene semester; academia comes second, if at all.

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Guardsman in Lawrence company killed in Iraq

Agreed, pilch.

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Kline faces ethics probe

And by the way, critical thinking begins with correct English language usage. A trip back to first grade: if we're referring to more than one person, we use plural, not singular. e.g. "liberals'," not "liberal's."

With you, we start with the basics.

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