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Opinion: KU doctoral grad sees lack of faculty support

The author openly admitted he wasn't young . . . so this wasn't a 20-25 year-old mistake.

A local version of the dead horse, "A graduate degree isn't worth it . . ." too bad, that is first world problems. Think about whether you want to work at the sheet metal factory or the tannery, how about that for job options? Although the tannery gives you the opportunity to work with animals, both living and dead.

I just did a Master's degree, it sucked, it was "worthless" in some ways . . .but what else could I have accomplished in that 2 years that would be worth more? I firmly believe that at least once in the future, those 2 letters, M. A. will get me a job I would have missed out on otherwise.

KU only costs about $3,000 a semester for in-state graduate school. That is cheaper than almost any other kind of school. What do you expect? Often it is also subsidized or "work/study. or GTA.

I got my money's worth, I don't know what people expected from school.

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Rules tighten on TANF recipients

What about free birth control? You are paying, please let me send you my paperwork.

I have been trying to get my tubes tied in kansas for four years and no one does the operation except for about $4000. also, it is not covered under my insurance, along with any complications, so if I foot the bill myself, I will also be responsible for any complications.

Where is this free birth control you speak of? Do the men have it?

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Being a Stripper: 10 Things I've Learned So Far

Most of us anyway? . . . are you saying that you personally are aware of underage strippers first-hand, and you still don't see why many people think that your profession is immoral and degrading?

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

I have read reports from the LCS about how they help each individual to escape homelessness. It is on their website.

Many of the people that end up in the shelter are mentally impaired, and have no knowledge of the social services available to them. LCS consistently helps these people to find the low-income housing and social services they need. So, I disagree . . .the homeless shelter can provide a lot of valuable information, and THEY DO HAVE AN IDEA where these people should go. They are trying to get them there.

Each person should live the life of their choosing? Be sure and run for office on that platform.

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

A large number of the homeless are combat veterans. I would think your time in "the Corps" would make you more aware that people can have disabilities while still looking able bodied.

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

I am constantly amazed at the cold hearted residents of Lawrence, who would begrudge a person a space to sleep on the floor. Luxury living? Have you spent a lot of time at the shelter?

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Abortion coverage

The great majority of late-term abortions are in cases of danger to the mother's life and non-viable fetuses. Do you think a woman is just going to carefree put off the decision and decide at the end BAM have a convenient abortion.

Dr. George Tiller is dead, or you could ask him. Women who seek a late term abortion are often married, and facing health issues, and making decisions either by themselves or with their families about exchanging one life for another.

It's lovely how you think it is just a bunch of promiscuous women who carry a baby full term, then decide they should have used birth control. Can you conceive of how a real woman would think?

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Have you ever saved someone's life?

I watched my brother die of alcohol abuse. I've never saved anyone's life. It takes group meetings to keep reminding myself that I didn't kill him.

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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

For the purpose of . . . .

The person who gave the bribe is the one making statements to the authorities. This article says ONE employee of the KU AD, that is serving time already. They have his statement apparently.

That said, since when is it "Kansas Athletics Inc" as it says in the article? not sure i know what that means.

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