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Bicyclist injured in accident

Very few cars run stop signs....unless you count the ones that slow to a crawl, then go thru. However, the bikes rip through at high speed--often across Kentucky or Tennessee.
They don't even slow down.

Then we need to ask about bikes riding--even 2 or 3 abreast--on Bob Billings or Clinton Parkway--where there are bike paths. So, I don't support spending any more money on bike paths.

Black clothing at night? No lights? Let me count the ways...

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Do you sometimes use fuel with ethanol in your vehicle?

Sounds like everyone there is confused, including the LJW staff (as we often see) as well as the poeple they talked to.
1. Nearly all gasoline has ethanol in it. They are allowed to put in 10% ethanol without a special sign, and most stations do, since it is cheaper.
2. Diesel isn't ethanol, but just like gas, it CAN have ethanol added. I believe they have to put up a sign if they do.
3. Since ethanol makes gas mileage worse, it's not clear that it's a good idea. Also, it takes a lot of fuel (gas, usually) to make ethanol. So I don't see much reason to use it.
4. You can buy pure gas at Westside 66, kind of near the 6th street Dillons
2815 W 6th St, Lawrence

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Local accident victims advocate against texting while driving

Gatekeeper, you should have reported the officer--name and badge--in a complaint.

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CVS stores dropping ID requirement for nail polish remover

Walgreens and Wal-Mart pharmacy have better prices and selection anyway.

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Public invited to give input on rental licensing and inspection program

For whatever reason, they are unable to enforce occupancy limits on single family homes.

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Community Mercantile outlasts competition and changing marketplace

Well, I just went into a natural food store to see how things had evolved. Mostly unimpressed.
The place was half pills and magical ointments. In the food, one of the employees had to park her cart across the aisle while she restocked--it literally didn't occur to her that she was blocking it. Everything was very expensive--although possibly comparable to the Merc, I don't know. They didn't have any of the Panda licorice in plain licorice. On the plus side, they didn't have a lot of those Roswell/Odor Therapy magazines the Merc likes to push.

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Higher education budget, new gun law among items to be discussed at upcoming regents retreat

I always click an answer which is furthest from the truth.

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Junction City properties owned in part by Rock Chalk Park developer going to auction for unpaid taxes and fees

Here we have more evidence of the great wisdom of the City Commission.

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Metaphysical Fair gains popularity in Lawrence

There's a sucker born every minute.

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Police searching for suspects who fled accident scene at 100 mph

Do everyone a favor. Lie on all your answers.

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