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Viral meningitis case reported at local school; illness not as serious as bacterial strain of disease

The quote from Lisa Horn, from the Douglas County Health Departments, really astounds me.

The summer before my 9th grade, I had viral meningitis. I was in Lawrence Memorial Hospital for a week and half.

"It's something the body can handle on its own." Hmm...really? The only way to know if it s bacterial vs viral is to get a spinal tap at the HOSPITAL. And wasn't five or six years ago when a student at KU had bacterial meningitis and it had serious repercussions? I realize that viral and bacterial meningitis are two different things and that bacterial is the worse of the two, but to give the advice "It's something the body can handle on its own" is ridiculous.

"It's a virus, and a lot of people - the majority of people - don't even go to symptoms." I think you mean GET symptoms, but if that's true, I'd like to meet those people. I had the worst, head pounding, made me cry, couldn't bear to have a light on headache, head was going to explode headache, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

This article seems to suggest that viral meningitis is nothing - just a little flu or cold - nothing to be concerned about. Tell that to my parents after a week and half of being in the hospital, a spinal tap, and two IVS in my veins at all time.

Yeah...who am I kidding - that was nothing. Something the body could easily have take of.

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Kobach getting paid to train Arizona sheriff's department on how to arrest suspected illegal immigrants

I personally know Kris Kobach and have worked with him many times. He's a intelligent, educated and will be a great Secretary of State. GO KRIS!

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7-month-old grocery store in Basehor to close

@barrypenders: the new turnpike exit is the tonganoxie/eudora exit - along ways from Basheor. The turnpike exit has nothing to do w/ the Wolf Creek Market closing. and @yankeevet: there's not a lot of competion out there by the Legends, Basheor, Tonganoxie. Tonganoxie has one gross supermarket called B&J. They are too expenisve and the store is always unclean. The next market would have been Wolf Creek Market and then of course Walmart. If you are in Tonganoxie, sometimes that a 20min drive to a clean, well stocked, grocery store. I would say there is not enough competition.....

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Kansas Congressman — and Senate candidate — seeks to expand U.S. trade with Cuba

And he wants to be our next Senator? I don't think so...... Kansans are for Tiahrt.

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Kansas Secretary of State resigns to take private sector job

I understand about Thornburgh wanting to leave a public office to take a job in the private sector. What I don't understand is him not waiting until November to do so. For 15 years he has worked in the public sector and now 9 months before election, he has suddenly decided to leave. Sounds a little sketchy to me.....Does it have anything to do with him not being selected as a Lt. Gov. for Brownback? Will he run as a conservative democract for the governor? Only time will tell.....

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Great example of journalistic integrity. The message Friday was not anti-democratic, since most every supporter of State Sovereignty is just as disgusted with the republican party too. The message is simple and was articulated plainly; which is that people are fed up with the federal government abusing authority given to it by the States and ultimately by the people. Interestly enough, we're also tired of the liberal media skewing the truth and calling it news.

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As part of state's 150th birthday celebration, 150th anniversary of Civil War, Lawrence activist wants to invite Obama to speak in Lawrence


I understand your analogy about people with great talent, such as Cash or Picasso, but what seperates them from President Obama, is results. They have actually a long lasting results that profoundly changed the world for the better.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but exactly what has Obama done? He has written two books, been a one time senator, won the Peace Prize, and become President. But what has actually done?

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Tonganoxie/Eudora Kansas Turnpike interchange to open on Dec. 29

With the construction in North Lawrence, which won't be done until the start of the New Year, if that, I live in Tongie and willl be using the turnpike a lot more to get to Lawrence. It takes forever to go through North Lawrence with the construction. I am going to to use it to the west exit in Lawrence. Highway 20-40 can be slow moving to, since it is one lane, espically if you get behind a semi or something of that nature. I think its great!

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Style intervention: Try personalized shopping with a professional touch

I worked at Saffee's for two years and know these people do know what they are talking about. Steve, the owner of Saffee's and his family, has been in business for over 85 years and owns 6 other Saffee's stores including one in Overland Park Mall.
Password- you don't think people judge you on what you wear ever single day? I'm not saying it is right but people first impressions are based on what you look like and what you are wearing.

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