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22-year-old Lawrence man sentenced to 25 years to life for raping child he met on Facebook

I have to disagree. Requiring "government background checks" of everyone who wants to access the Internet opens up a level of government control that no one would benefit from. I think the answer has to lie with parents - utilizing parental controls that are available, paying close attention to who your young children are talking to online and strictly limiting their time and access online, especially unsupervised time. Parents need to be vigilant and aware of the dangers that lurk on the Internet for their children and they need to make their children aware of those dangers. Open dialogue is important, as is enforcing consequences when they violate the established parental rules meant to keep them safe. You can't keep the criminals off the Internet. Focus instead on keeping our kids safe!

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Van Go celebrates 15 years

I'm a huge believer in Van Go, and have several reasons to be grateful for them. Two of my kids participated in Van Go Arts, and I love the fact that 2 of those beautiful benches around town were created by them. I can testify firsthand to the ability of the JAMS program to change a life. My son went through a difficult time during his high school years, and eventually quit school. The wonderful people at Van Go saw the potential in him, and invested in him. They helped him get his diploma, they got him training in the field he was interested in (his dream is to be a chef), got him set up with an interview and then placement in that field, and the results have been extraordinary. Seven years later, my son is still with this very prominent Lawrence restaurant and has steadily advanced his career. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary there last night. I couldn't help but tear up (and feel a bit of pride), as both the General Manager and the Executive Chef each visited our table and spent several minutes telling me how valuable my son was to them, how much he excels at his position (he's now the Lead Cook and trainer), how proud they are of him, and how bright his future is. Not bad for a former high school dropout! Thank you, thank you, thank you Van Go Arts!

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Longtime local musician to celebrate 95th birthday with performance

IMPORTANT: Please note that this event actually takes place tomorrow - Sunday, September 30, 6 pm to 8 pm, not today! (Melissa McMechan, New Life in Christ Church)

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