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Seabury-Veritas boys

Kalim Dowdell ought not to be playing at all until the issue regarding his lewd and predatory behavior is resolved to the satisfaction of the victims.

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New report shows number of downtown Lawrence retailers on a significant decline; new numbers for citywide vacancy rate

It's expensive to operate a business downtown, particularly in regards to rent and taxation. Building ownership downtown is heavily concentrated. Buildings come up for sale infrequently and often at prices beyond the reach of most small business owners. In order to afford the rent downtown, you would need to operate on a scale greater than what most small businesses, especially small retailers, can expect. Thus you see more restaurants & bars, business offices and the like, and fewer mom & pop shops.

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Proposal for downtown grocery store at former Borders site emerges again

The former Borders building is perfect for a grocery store. It even looks like a grocery store already and has plenty of parking! As someone who works downtown, I would very much like to see a grocery (especially a locally-owned one of the caliber of Checkers) go into that space.

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Letter: Not 'marriage'

Mr. Cook - According the the first two of three criteria for legitimate marriage you described, as a non-religious woman who is unable to procreate, my heterosexual marriage would be considered invalid. In addition, as my spouse and I are of different races, up until 1967 we would not have been legally allowed to marry due to anti-miscegenation laws which therefore makes our marriage "nontraditional", in clear violation of your third criteria.

Is my long and happy marriage therefore eroding the "traditional, fundamental values" which you seem to hold so dear? If so, how does my marriage - the marriage of someone whom you do not know - affect you? How do any marriages besides your own impact you? They do not and so your objection is for naught.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Agreed re Mad Greek. I worked there 10 years ago or so while in college and at that time most of their product came off the back of a Sysco truck. The only things they made in house were the mousaka and a few other "traditional" dishes, everything else was frozen and prepackaged. I did notice how bad the food was recently when there for a lunch meeting and their pricing is very deceiving. They'll post menus online but when you go to pick up an order the price is at least a dollar higher than it was on the website and they won't give you the website price, they'll just tell you that the website needs to be updated. This has happened every time my office has tried to order lunch there. Not worth it. I much rather eat at Aladdin if I'm in the mood for a gyro and hummus.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Here here. He once asked my family to leave before we'd finished eating so he could seat other customers at our table and another time when he saw a cockroach on the floor, rather than pick it up with a napkin and dispose of it tastefully, he simply stomped it and ground it into the carpet in front of everybody. And yet another time my husband was served a white, crunchy tomato on his BLT and when he brought it to the attention of the waitress, David made a scene in the restaurant that, because my husband had taken a bite that was equivalent to eating the whole thing and refused to remove the item from our bill. That was the last time we ate there and I'm sure it's been at least 4 years since that incident. Uncouth. I'd rather eat elsewhere.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

Sula and David were a disastrous combo. I'm not surprised she left (or he cut her loose) and David went back to doing what he knows. However Miltons was never that great, it simply benefited from being one of the only reasonably priced breakfast locations downtown ("reasonably priced" being relative). With the expanded Mirth and 715's killer weekend brunch plus The Roost opening in the near future and Miltons now being in a smaller, more crowded space, I'm not sure it will work out quite the way he wants. In addition, I'm pretty sure that location in the 9th & NH building is ridiculously expensive especially considering how small it is.

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Building a gym: A Lawrence small business success story

gsxr600 - I'm personally not a crossfitter (competitive powerlifter & yoga instructor) but I have trained in crossfit and have a lot of experience with it. I don't disagree that a lot of new lifters are pushed too hard or push themselves too hard thanks to the competition aspect of crossfit. That being said, the coaching staff at CFL are reasonable folks who encourage their clients to take it slow and focus on proper form and technique over big weight.

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Building a gym: A Lawrence small business success story

I'm the yoga instructor at CFL and a friend of Thomas's. I started with CFL back when Thomas and Kyle ran the business out of their backyard.

I'm proud of what Thomas - and Kyle - created here in Lawrence. They're passionate about what they do and their over-the-top enthusiasm for fitness and their level of care and concern for their clients makes CFL a warm, friendly, and inviting place. The crossfit community in Lawrence has grown leaps and bounds thanks to their dedication. These guys live and breathe their work - as do most successful (and unsuccessful) small business owners.

CFL is one of my favorite places to teach yoga as the community is always so friendly, fun and respectful. Thomas is in my class every Saturday he's not competing or coaching one of his competitors.

As for the price, it's quite reasonable - especially in comparison to crossfit gyms around the country which will run closer to $200-$300/mo. Remember that membership not only includes unlimited gym time, but coaching.

I think the point the reporter is making here is that it's remarkable that a young veteran, in his early-to-mid-twenties, developed a small but thriving business and fitness community following a difficult re-acclimation period once he returned to civilian life. Thomas's tenacity is uncommon and I, for one, am proud of what he's accomplished thus far and look forward to seeing what Thomas and Kyle build in the future.

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