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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

I think you need to check your history. It used to be the floodplain of the Wakarusa river and be a mix of prairie and wetlands, thats why they put in the drainage tiles to farm it (it was abvosouly a wetland or they would not need the drainage tiles). Then after Clinton Reservoir was built in the early 1970's, the natural flooding of the Wakarusa stopped and the wetlands were not frequently flooded anymore. The canals and such in the wetlands now are to help drain water from Lawrence, but are not what made the wetlands. And a brackish marsh is a mix of fresh and saltwater, swamps tend to be woody (think Cyprus down south). You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

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Wakarusa music festival considers venue change

Encouraging the move of the festival away from Clinton Park by presenting an overbearing police force and paranoid/deragatory propopganda is a shame and results in a huge loss for Douglas County. The Country Stampede is welcomed by the Manhattan local law enforcement and community despite the fact harder that drugs like meth and coke are rampant there and the amount of alcohol consumed and fights makes Wakarusa look like a Sunday school day camp. The "hippies" are much more pleasant than the red-neck brigade that attends the Country Stamped. A little consistancy in law enforcement and public opinion would be nice.

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Officials urge rise of wind energy, conservation in Kansas

budwhysir it already is a political arena with politicians (and thir lobyists) controlling everything, so whats to lose....other than the pollution and continued investment in a power source with a limited future.

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Officials urge rise of wind energy, conservation in Kansas

I agree that, with the exception of the wallets of coal power interests, the biggest impact of wind farms will be on wildlife. This is also a great concern of mine and and area that will certainly need to be addressed. But in order to address it, we first have to start building the infrasturcture of the "experiment" otherwise everything is just a guess. There have been lots of studies of birds and towers and the use of lights at various flashing rates, and much has been learned (too fast and it is a strobe light that dissorientates the birds). If coal power was not initiated untill all the kinks had been worked out that we would still be without powere as new improvements are still being made. As far as deer go, the rapid spread of roads, suburban fringe communities, and rural fence rows has done wonders for their numbers....unfortunately their peek active times coincide with our rush hour commutes. If deer are your primary concern, I dont think wind farms should be your focus, but rather reducing their exploding numbers in eastern KS and creating security fences that funnel deer to safe crossing bridges or tunnels as is done in some other states. A real problem with wind farms, is prairie chicken habitat and their avoidance of tall structures (perches for raptors). Like all things that humans put in the environment, it will have an impact. The point is that with a little forethought, some planning, and a little sacrifice, we can minimize the impacts for everyone.....COMPERMISE and we all win.

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Officials urge rise of wind energy, conservation in Kansas

Ok budwhyhsir.

Is wind energy safe for the wildlife?
Nothing is completely safe for anything, there are always risks. Some birds will be killed, as they are by cats, dogs, cars and buildings. Others will change their behavior...thats called learning. Why are deer scared of humans now...they learned.

What are the back up plans for days with no wind?
A) Nobody is saying to switch completely to wind, and second the wind is pretty constant (especially a couple hundred feet up) and ensured not to run out as long as the global circulation patterns dont change, in which case we will have bigger things to worry about.

Can wind energy be a cause for global warming in the next century.
Global warming is caused by the build up of gasses in teh atmosphere, largely through thte combustion of fossif fuels (coal). Wind has ben around as long as the planet (posibly winds) and Im pretty sure there is zero evidence to say it contributes to global warming.

I hate for our generation to be the ones that jumped to conclusions and caused the loss of wind.
Would you rather be the eneration that did nothing when faced with the warning signs of global climate change or at the very leat the foresight to realize that coal was a limited resource.

We are not sure if wind is actualy a renewable resource. ---
Wind is created from the interaction of warm and cool masses of air interacting with each long as the planet is not one homogenous temperature all day and all night there will be wind.

Is it possible that containing the movement of wind thru wind farms could cause a depletion of coal production under ground. Yes it could
Contain wind with a fan...huh. Pretty sure they are not airtight containers. And as far as wind depleting the formation of coal...I guess I have to give you credit for looking towards the coal reserves of the very distant futures becasue any coal that is being produced today (dying plants and animals in swamps) wont be ready for use for thousands/millions of years. The surface winds cant change what has already been created underground.

your turn.

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Officials urge rise of wind energy, conservation in Kansas


Your absurd and rediculus statements dont even deserve a real response, instead I will just say you are typing rubbish. I hope you dont actually believe that stuff.

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Explanations for gasoline price discrepancies vary

Yes gas prices are finally going down a little, but its sad when we are excited about gas thats less than 2.80/ gallon. Also, the station on the west side across from the Mass street Dillons spiked their prices to about $5 on 9-11 and is usually higher on a daily basis as well.

On the plus side, with gas prices so high, at least people have started thinking about and developing alternative fuel sources. It seems every industry gets incentives to help development (including oil and farms) but the incentives for alternative fuels have been so small in the past (intentionally) that they remained cost prohibitive to develop.

For a good cost comparison of gas prices through the years (both with and without inflation) check out the link below.

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