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Letter: No principle

Well, for starters, people with disabilities should be able to enjoy the same rights when they travel outside of the US.

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Dole tries, fails to persuade Republicans, including Sens. Roberts and Moran, to vote for treaty for disabled

Are you talking about this?

1. States Parties shall recognize the rights of persons with disabilities to liberty of movement, to freedom to choose their residence and to a nationality, on an equal basis with others, including by ensuring that persons with disabilities:

Have the right to acquire and change a nationality and are not deprived of their nationality arbitrarily or on the basis of disability;
Are not deprived, on the basis of disability, of their ability to obtain, possess and utilize documentation of their nationality or other documentation of identification, or to utilize relevant processes such as immigration proceedings, that may be needed to facilitate exercise of the right to liberty of movement;
Are free to leave any country, including their own;
Are not deprived, arbitrarily or on the basis of disability, of the right to enter their own country.

2. Children with disabilities shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and, as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by their parents.

What is so controversial or bizarre about that? Keep in mind, we are talking about a global framework here. These are rights we already recognize in the US, but they aren't recognized in many other countries.

There is also NOTHING in the convention that prohibits home schooling or encourages abortion, contrary to what the knee jerkers like Beck have been spouting.

The right doesn't like the UN, period. In the midst of their blind hatred, they have thrown people with disabilities under the bus- and that includes Americans with disabilities who might like to travel to countries that are behind the curve in the treatment of people with disabilities. Shameful.

Here is the UN Convention, if you'd like to read it:

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Kobach defends photo ID to vote; wants power to prosecute alleged voter fraud

In addition to the provisional ballots that were cast, it would be interesting to see the turnout numbers compared to past elections. Preferably, broken down by county. Many people who are constitutionally eligible to vote, but didn't have the required photo ID probably didn't bother going to the polls at all.

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Lawrence man arrested on animal cruelty charge

There is NO valid reason for someone to tie a dog's back legs together so that they are lying helpless, probably in pain, and unable to walk or defend themselves. It doesn't strike me as a rush to judgement to call a person who did such a thing a worthless piece of garbage.

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Romneys paid $1.94 million in fed taxes for 2011

He can always file an amended return and claim all of his charitable deductions after he loses in November.

And sorry, but the Mormon church provides little real charity. They invest in land and real estate. The few people they do help have to make their case and have it approved by the church's hierarchy. Usually, they are asked to perform church services in exchange for receiving help.

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Strong response

Are you suggesting we start another war? Seriously?

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Premium shock

Way to miss the point.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

I'm not so sure. Maybe part of their motivation is to discourage democrats from showing up at the polls. There is a reason presidential elections generally receive the highest turnout. A lot of people don't pay much attention to local and state elections, but they like to cast their vote for president.

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State agency refuses to answer questions from legislators about growing waiting lists

Even if Brownback were to be recalled, we'd be stuck with Colyer- an even bigger ideologue than Brownback. In fact, from what I understand, the entire Medicaid privatization scheme is Colyer's brain child.

We need to find a strong candidate to run against Brownback in 2014. Hopefully, the damage will still be reparable by then.

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Candidate says doubts about residency ‘crazy’

He should file stalking charges against the group.

Kansans for LIBERTY??? Good one.

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