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Editorial: Ongoing concern

Problems have been quickly responded to. That isn't the same as problems being quickly resolved. One fairly large agency had to take out a line of credit just to make payroll, due to delayed payments from the MCO's. Insurance companies are notorious for paying claims as late as possible- the longer they hold onto their money, the bigger the profit for them.

What is to prevent providers from going under either because they are unable to absorb the administrative burden of three insurance companies and three sets of requirements for filing claims, or being unable to continue operating due to delayed claims? As providers are forced to close their doors, who is going to provide services to the people who are being served now?

And that doesn't even begin to address the cuts in services people on other waivers are experiencing. For people with I/DD, a reduction in supports could pose serious health and safety risks. Do you expect providers to be able to absorb the cost of providing more serves than are funded, or are providers supposed to just cut services off at the amount determined by the MCO, whether the person needs them or not?

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Editorial: Ongoing concern

Most CDDO's in Kansas are connected with agencies that also provide services. Who would complete the eligibility determination and needs assessment if the CDDO is no longer permitted to serve in that capacity?

Similarly, the majority of case managers in Kansas are employed by agencies that also provide services. If these agencies can no longer provide case management services, who will provide that service? The bill before the legislator expressly states that individuals can get case management through their MCO.

In other words, if the bill before the legislature passes, most CDDO's and case managers will no longer be allowed to function as such. Who will step in and fulfill those responsibilities?

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

I don't agree with any of this, but the unemployment piece is especially troubling. Unemployment is funded by the employee and employer, similar to Social Security and Medicare. Would they also suggest that people submit to a drug test before applying for benefits under those programs, as well?

I suspect this is just a scheme to allow the administration to take credit for improved unemployment numbers and a reduction in people needing welfare assistance. In reality, they are really just cutting those services for people for reasons completely unrelated to need, even for people who paid into unemployment with the expectation that it would be available to them should they ever find themselves needing it.

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DUI bill that would allow stiffer charges passes in Kansas Legislature

Perhaps you should consider giving credit where it is due. The DA pushed for the law and it passed. It is illogical to think that he lobbied so strongly for something he doesn't intend to use.

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Advocates for people with developmental disabilities alarmed by bill before the Senate

The article leaves out the fact that the bill expressly states that agencies like Cottonwood can no longer provide case management. Most people will have to get that service through their KanCare insurance company. The same for-profit insurance company that will also determine whether a person is eligible for supports and how much support they need. That is 'conflict of interest' on steroids.

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Former day care owner charged with eight drug crimes

Dang. When I was in daycare, all I got was juice and graham crackers.

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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges

The people of Franklin County deserve more information about what is being alleged. It would also be helpful to know how the "ouster" process works. If it is something that needs to be initiated by voters, the public should have information about not just the allegations, but also the process for pursuing a recall.

Releasing two weeks of emails is not an "unreasonable burden" by any stretch of the imagination. Unless those emails contain information that is incriminating, of course. I hope the LJW keeps pushing for information. This is most definitely in the public's interest, especially considering the fact that Curry is still serving as sheriff.

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Legislation seeks to block federal gun laws on Kansas firearms

Like the ex-Navy Seal who was shot to death at a gun range? The one who was an expert marksman and had more confirmed sniper kills than anyone else in US military history?

It's pretty clear that a "good person with a gun" isn't all that is needed to stop a bad person with a gun.

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Letter: Call to action

The United States is the second largest producer of CO2 emissions, so I'd say we should probably get our own proverbial house in order before claiming any moral high ground.

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Mental health funding: More needs as dollars stretched tight

It's no small irony that the same people who oppose increased gun restrictions are also the first to support cuts to mental health services.

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