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Kansas City's Spin Pizza coming to Sixth and Wakarusa area; rumor of another restaurant for South Iowa; Mojo's chicken wings make a return

I have fond memories of carting boxes of Phat Elvis wings back to Oliver Hall as a freshman at KU. I'm so excited to get a chance to enjoy them again!

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Faith Forum: What does a just society look like?

EastLake meets at Theatre Lawrence.

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Family Adventures: Smoke on the bathwater

Love these ideas! Thank you for this!

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And the IPO fell flat

That's a valid point. Although, it seems that the counterfeit and spammy ads have lessened recently to be replaced by well-known and higher level companies. Perhaps, this was a change in lieu of the upcoming IPO?

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And the IPO fell flat

I think you perfectly illustrate the mindset of many potential investors. Without tangible assets and mere days after a very public bashing of one of their revenue sources (GM removing ads), it just seems like this may have been a bit premature. There are a lot of things that Facebook has done right, but I think they still have some wrinkles to iron out before they can appeal to this type of market.

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We went here last night for the first time and are now big fans. The complimentary queso with the chips and salsa was delicious as were the 2 for $5 margaritas on special. All four of us loved our meals and had great service from the staff. Even though we were sad to see Backyard Burger close in this location, we're thrilled that El Potro is here. Great place.

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Tonight was the first time I'd ever been to Nail Citi and I was blown away at the awesome service and kindness of the family who runs the shop. I was in and out with a beautiful pedicure in under 45 minutes and greatly enjoyed chatting with the nail technician while there. So, not only do they have the best prices in Lawrence, but they also have wonderful customer service. I will definitely be going back.

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Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran Wants Help from Social Media

Good example and good point.

Hopefully, a strong social media team is put into place before political figures launch a campaign, page or other social media account.

As we've seen from Brownback's page, political affiliations can foster some incredibly negative reactions. Certain social media platforms give opponents a stage to say what they want and put it front and center to all viewers.

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