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Lack of respect

Hey Rightthinker,

You've disgusted me on more than one occasion...the world's still turning, so carry on.

And, by the way, I gave four years of honorable service to the military. I earned the right to my opinion. But my status as a veteran means nothing to you because I don't see things as you do. You revere only the flag-waving, line-towing vets who show up at parades donning every single military badge and metal they can get their hands on. If you love the military so much take Craigers by the hand and the two of you GO JOIN! Enlist your children and grandchildren.

Craigers, our military might did a lot to deter 9/11 terrorists wielding BOX CUTTERS!

You people with your one track thinking will be the down fall of this country...not those who are willing to look at all sides and consider alternative solutions to problems.

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'Chicks' show their courage

This discussion reminds me of 5th grade at the playground. No wonder this country is in such horrible shape...the electorate is just plain STUPID!

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Lack of respect

I'd be curious to know how many articles the LJW has done on soldiers returning home and others related to the Iraq war. Honestly, seems like every week there's something favorable about an area soldier, his/her family, or community effort to help soldiers.

I'm so sick of people like this Ret. Lt. Col whining over the military not getting enough favorable media attention. The Pentagon's annual budget is about $450 billion (with yearly increases and emergency supplements not included). With a budget like that who cares about good PR? You don't need it, Sir!

Frankly, I'd like to see more stories on how the educational system and health care system could benefit from a chunk of that $450 billion. Trust me...not bloody likely!

Forgive me as I refuse to worship the military!

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Large water bills loom


What will you do when the water runs out? How will you sustain your precious, green lawn? Maybe then your priorties will shift and the lawn won't be quite as important. But guess what, it'll be too late.

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Battles bring newfound meaning to Memorial Day

How 'bout some new rhetoric. I believe in honoring vets, but worshipping the military e.g. "aren't you glad they're ours," as bombers fly overhead is getting tiresome, as are complaints about the media. Are the media supposed to ignore the fact that 80 people were killed/injured by explosives yesterday in Iraq? Should the media not report that?

My gosh, if you want to honor veterans how about not sending them into the wrong war? How about not designing a way to invade a country? Our beef was not with Iraq. Iraq was not the threat, but it is now!

Oh well, at least the war in Iraq is "causing people to pay more attention to Memorial Day." I guess that makes all the death and destruction worth it.

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NOT PUBLIC - Young filmmakers focus on premiere

Great story, great kids!

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'Chicks' show their courage

Again, another great article from Leonard Pitts! I'm in full agreement that people, especially celebrities who have a powerful voice are often reluctant to use it. I love the Dixie Chicks for their opinions and their talent, both are undeniable.

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War veterans have important story to share

The people of this country welcome the memories and stories of certain veterans. However, if, for whatever reason, through hindsight you now oppose that war, you're asked to politely shut the hell up.

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Growing list

Saw a news clip the other night on Saudi Arabian textbooks used in all schools. They're full of hatred for the "infidels" (aka us). They instruct children to hate the infidels and to hurt them whenever possible. The U.S. is pleading with Saudi Arabia to water down the language; we'll see whether or not they feel like it. Doubtful.

It's likely the terrorists on the 9/11 flight (the majority of whom were from SAUDI ARABIA) went to these same schools. We continue to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq while our sweet heart, SAUDI ARABIA, continues to indoctrinate its young people to hate the U.S.

Misguided, ridiculous, insane, costly, deceptive, ineffective, and just plain WRONG! Just a few more words to describe this war (and in some cases, those who support it!)

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Pet concern


Yes, I do have information about Blessed through past threads. He's very judgmental, harsh, and narrow-minded. As for my name, it was assigned and I don't know how to change it. Happy?

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