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Error will affect school official's DUI case

Gee Marion, being "right all along" must not happen for you very often.

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Ryun files for re-election

Go NaNCY!!!!!

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Ryun files for re-election

Sixth term? And his highest priority is immigration. It's amazing how someone working toward their 6th term in office could be so incredibly removed from the REAL issues. How 'bout healthcare, Jim? How 'bout education? How 'bout REAL family values? It's all just political rhetoric to you.

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Protect life

Lunacy: Please identify ONE scientific fact presented in this letter.

Mary's on a moral high horse, but I'd be the first to wager that if one of her loved ones could benefit from embryonic stem cell research, her position would change and fast.

Thanks Mary for shoving your version of morality down my throat. Clearly, you know what's best for me, my family, and this country. What would we do without you?

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Brownback seeks regime change in Iran

Brilliant comment Liberty. I completely agree.

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Reporting abuse

No acg, it's not just you. I'm with you on this one.

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Lack of respect

No need to apologize. Seriously. I wish people could dialogue on this webpage without resorting to anger (I'm guilty), pettiness, and insults.

I have to say Craigers, when it comes to the "free market" and certain hotbutton issues, I've determined that the free market only exists when convenient for big business. For example, the free market would dictate that if you were in need of medications, you could get them from the cheapest sources, even if that means from Canada or Mexico. But, that's not allowed...why? Because the pharmaceutical companies have politicians in their pockets.

High insurance premiums, failure to pay for services, the cost of health's not driven by the free market. OUr access to the free market is limited. Costs are so high because pharmaceutical companies are running the show.

The healthcare industry will change only when Americans are dying left and right because they can't afford coverage. It may take 10-20 years, but it will happen.

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Lack of respect


You take issue with funding education and the high salaries of administrators, yet you have no problem with throwing billions at this war and we still aren't meeting the needs of those fighting it.

You acknowledge government and companies are in bed together. Companies are getting rich off this war and their CEOs are contributing to Bush's coffers...Dems too. That's the ulterior motive, not the spread of Democracy.

As for healthcare, the U.S. spends more per capita than ANY OTHER country on the planet, yet we're ranked 27th for life expectancy and 38th for infant mortality.

People act like there are no solutions to these problems
but there are. It just takes a public that's willing to get informed and demand action from their representatives.
Half of all bankruptcies occur due to medical expenses and 75% of those who file bankruptcy due to medical expenses had insurance, but the insurance company found "loopholes" to deny coverage. And, you want to talk about administrative costs and high salaries? Insurance CEOs average salaries in the 10 millions and 12% of expenses go toward administrative costs. With medicaid, 8% to administrative costs.

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Lack of respect


It's complicated, and I can't explain my whole world view here in this post, but what it boils down to is that our priorities, as a nation, are wrong. And now, we're in the wrong war, fighting the wrong people, and our military members bear the brunt.

I'm sure there are many points upon which we could agree. We're not polar opposites in our thinking. I just happen to believe the bomb 'em to hell strategy doesn't least not for the U.S. You can't claim to be delivering democracy while killing thousands. You just can't! Yet, the movements I mentioned above...the people who participated in those movements didn't have guns, but they faced a military (the U.S. military) that did and they won their freedoms anyway.

I don't believe we should abolish the military and I'm NOT a pacifist, but I think if we put our billions to use on healthcare, education, infrastructure among other things we would find ourselves in fewer "conflicts." As a society, we'd have a better understanding of the world and our role in it.

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Lack of respect

Hey Craigers,

You condemn me because I don't show "respect" to veterans. Perhaps the way in which I demonstrate my respect differs from yours. I choose to show my respect by being critical of an administration and a public who blindly supports a war that puts them in harms way unnecessarily. I show respect by demanding the government live up to the promises it makes to soldiers.

Simple flag waving and attendance at Memorial Day ceremonies doesn't demonstrate respect. It just makes you feel like you're doing something to "support the troops." It makes you feel better. It warms your little pea-pickin' heart and makes you all teary-eyed.

You accuse me of "spewing vile" toward vets, but again you confuse my criticism of the Pentagon's budget with criticism of the soldier. My only point was who needs good PR when you've got a $450 billion budget (at the expense of other domestic needs). I do not worship the Pentagon, and I refuse to happily hand them the skin off my back to fight this God forsaken war. You chose to see that as a criticism of soldiers. So be it.

If you want to thank somebody for your freedom, thank any number of protesters who throughout history participated in the hundreds of movements (labor, civil rights, vets rights, women's rights) that actually have delivered freedom.

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